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Monday, 28 January 2013

Edwardian Wedding Ensemble

Another beauty from my collection.............

The most exquisite silk and lace Edwardian wedding dress.  It has been stored away very carefully as it is in the most beautiful condition aside from a few little foxing marks.

The bodice has the most exquisite lace and pin tuck detailing, and the lace around the neck has stiffeners to help keep it upright.

I have carefully stuffed the sleeves with tissue to help keep the shape.

Even the back has the most beautiful detailing.

The wedding dress came with it's original wax flower bridal head dress, now very fragile.

and even the original kid leather wedding shoes.........

I am totally in love...but I may be good and part with it one day!
Have a great week.
Jo xx

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Early 19th Century Harp

Hubby and I have been after a full size harp for many years and have never found one.

Then out of the blue this beauty turned up!

We have been looking for years and we can't believe it.  The harp is early nineteenth century and is in need of extensive restoration to get it back to playing condition...which incidentally neither of us can do!

We have contacted a harp restorer in Wales so it will be heading to his workshop soon to see what needs doing and more importantly how much??

Looks like some harp lessons may be the order of the day.

Or this rather lovely man can come over and pluck my strings any day...ooer missus.
Have a great week.
Jo xx

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Belated Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas?  We had a nice quiet one here at home and managed to catch up with lots of maintenance jobs, there is always something that needs doing in a period cottage!
I have also been very busy with my new online shop at Ruby Lane.  I was finding that the more delicate pieces that I sell wouldn't stand up to being carted around to the fairs and would get damaged so I have decided to sell some of them on line.

As you can see, Ruby Lane is also very dangerous for buying!  A blue silk pair of early nineteenth century shoes.

....and a green pair!

I also have recently bought this Victorian silk wedding dress for my collection, absolutely tiny but in lovely condition.  The 20's dress and lace jacket next to it came from Ali when Mum and I attended her Betty & Violet Christmas Boutique open house sale just before Christmas.

Camille was part of my Christmas pressie, she is a Pierre Imans wax mannequin dating from the late teens/early twenties.  She is wearing a 1914 velvet and chiffon opera coat that came all the way from the USA courtesy of  Holly at Past Perfect Vintage.

Andy and I decided to go on a little jaunt last Sunday to the Malvern Flea, quite why we have never been before escapes me because it was only an hour away and absolutely fantastic!  This beautiful marriage casket with mirrored stand was an favourite purchase.

This little French mirrored stand was also another purchase.  We met Jane from Country Cottage Chic and her hubby who were also out having a spend.  It was absolutely fantastic and the weather was kind to us.

Quite how I managed to fit three Pugs on my lap is beyond me!  As you can see, Pixie has made herself very much at home here with us (she is the little one at the front with teeth showing) and is proving to be a bit of a Madam!  Hope you have all had a great start to 2013.
Happy New Year.
Jo xx