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Monday, 23 January 2012

Welsh Blanket Love

I have always loved Welsh blankets, their different patterns and colours, they always look so lovely draped over a favourite chair or folded at the end of a bed.  I am in no way an expert on them and couldn't tell which mill they had come from or what age they are like some experts can...I just know that I love them.  So you can imagine my delight this morning when I received a phone call from a lovely textile dealer locally whom I regularly buy from.  I always know when she phones me it is not to be missed!

Going to pick these beauties up certainly beat housework hands down!

They are truly stunning, some are in great condition like the little Welsh shawl on the top and some have mends on them which I think adds to the character.  Sadly the lovely green tapestry blanket second up from the bottom is quite damaged but can be used to make the most spectacular cushions complete with fringing.

It wasn't all just blankets though, this beautiful shabby Durham quilt had to come home too, well, I couldn't leave it there could I?  I am thrilled with my purchases, my lovely contact always does me proud!  She always washes them all so they are clean and ready for me. They are all destined for the fairs I will be attending throughout the year although the little shawl may have to stay awhile :)
Have a great week.
Jo xx

Friday, 20 January 2012

Horrible Weather & A Spot of Retail Therapy

The weather here is atrocious today, and I have been dashing too and from the car taking Louis to college and back again and trying not to get soaked.  I am constantly dealing with five very bored Pugs and their muddy feet...please roll on Spring time!  Apart from the weather chaos I have making a few little purchases not only for my many collections but also for the fairs I have booked for this year.  I have listed them on the side bar the ones that are booked so far.

I recently purchased this beautiful antique Toile quilt, more of a topper really than a large quilt.

I think it was once more of an aubergine colour but has now faded over the years.  It does have some damage but considering it's age it is in pretty good condition.

I love this little vignette of the small child with the dog.

A beautiful vintage bridal head dress and veil.  I have collected quite a lot of vintage bridal items ready for the fairs.

I found this sweet little French glass trinket box in an antique shop locally.

Clarissa is modelling one of my latest ballet crowns I have bought.  It is very intricately made from sparkly stones that catch the light and silver wire.

So beautifully made.

Another beautiful ballet crown.  This one is more rigid but still very intricately made.

Rose pink ballet pointe shoes SORRY SOLD

Lilac ballet pointe shoes to match my lilac tutu.

Another pair of rose pink ballet pointe shoes, I may be persuaded to part with one of the pairs! I am waiting for a couple more parcels so there will be more to show you when they arrive.  I am really looking forward to the fairs this year and taking my new treasures with me.
 I hope the weather improves for us all and have a lovely weekend.
Jo xx

Monday, 16 January 2012

I've Been In Bed With............

Sherlock Holmes!  The new Sherlock Holmes novel called the House Of silk to be exact, and not the delicious late Jeremy Brett, although I wouldn't have said no!

The book was written by the superb author Anthony Horowitz, the same man responsible for the fantastic series Foyles War and Midsomer murders to name but a few.  He also adapted some of Agatha Christie's Poirot for television.

The book was officially approved by the estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and I can see why.  I am a real fan of Sherlock Holmes and this book certainly does not disappoint.  It is absolutely beautifully written and the story is so easy to follow, there are lots of twists and turns and also stories within stories!  I can thoroughly recommend it to all of you who love a good read and I can guarantee you won't be able to put it down.  I could visualise Jeremy Brett as Holmes, Edward Hardwicke as his faithful companion Dr. Watson and  the fabulous Charles Gray as Mycroft as I read the book.  My only disappointment was that I read it too quickly.
Hope you are all having a good week.
Jo xx

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Treasures for 2012

After a lovely Christmas and New Year I feel ready to get back in the swing of things, namely up and coming fairs.  I have booked some lovely fairs to do already this year and the list is growing despite me saying I would do less...famous last words!  Before Christmas I said in one of my posts that I had purchased some lovely items from a lovely lady called Renata who lives in Vienna, her blog is style revisited should you want to take a peak.

A lovely pair of old worn pointe shoes.

A pretty vintage floral ballet diadem.

The lace up boots have to be my favourites though, they are exquisitely made.
On New years Eve hubby and I decided to have a day out as we were suffering from 'cabin fever' after being cooped up over Christmas.  We ended up at Stafford Antiques Fair, not too far from home.  It was three halls filled to the brim with beautiful antiques.

This beautiful Victorian wire work and bisque floral ring was so pretty I couldn't resist.  The wire work is all rusty and aged just how I like it.  It looks stunning as a centrepiece on a table with a large pillar candle in placed in the centre.

This beautiful Victorian boned bodice was purchased from another seller.  It does look lovely on my mannequin but I will be selling these two items on at a fair this year as I have decided I can't keep everything!  Happy New Year to all of you and have a great week.
Jo xx