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Monday, 28 March 2011

Nostalgic Mix 2 in Totnes & New Finds

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I travelled down to Devon on Friday ready for the Nostalgic Mix Fair in Totnes organised by Lesley from This 'n' That.  The weather was lovely and in fact we couldn't have asked for better.  On the way down I had to of course stop off in Ashburton to see my lovely friend Ros and her gorgeous shop 'The Snug', full of the most stunning treasures.  Needless to say I made some purchases, but they are all destined for my stand at the Vintage and Handmade Spring Fair on the 9th of April...can't wait! 

I bought some beautiful vintage velvet millinery flowers and some vintage cloth covered buttons in their original packaging.

The most exquisite length of chain stitch embroidery I have ever seen.  please do click on the image to study the beautiful detail, it must have taken hours and hours of painstaking work, and is just as beautiful on the back which shows the skill of the embroiderer.

Another beautiful length of hand embroidery on silk.  This is very similar to the sleeve bands on my 1920's embroidered jacket, and again the back is as good as the front in fact I had to study them both to see which way round it was.

I love the little velvet millinery bouquets, they are so delicate and pretty.

The gorgeous set of vintage fabric covered drawers I have Tracey from The Vintage Bothy to thank for.  As we were setting up for Totnes on the Saturday I spied them before she had even had time to put them on her stand!!  She very kindly held them for me until I had enough pennies to pay for them.  I am so thrilled with them as I have been looking for a lovely set of vintage display drawers for all my smaller items.

They are covered in beautiful vintage roses fabric to the back and sides and the drawer fronts are covered in the most delicious faded textile with large blowsy roses on it.  They have pride of place on our occasional table until I use them for the fairs, but they are definitely staying!!  I wasn't in too much trouble for buying them, all I got was 'I knew you would come back with something'!!!  He knows me only too well!!  I am sure you'll agree though, they were irresistible.  I also met up again with Lizzie and her hubby, as usual she had some lovelies on her stand that was up on the stage, I was very tempted but I thought I'd better not push my luck and buy too much!!  It was really busy all day and very difficult to get away to talk.  My Mum had a stand next to mine but we seemed to be steady with customers all day and it was hard to get away to chat for very long.  My apologies for not having any pictures of the fair but the ones I took on my iPhone didn't do it justice, and the fact that I am a rubbish photographer. It was a wonderful day and great to catch up with everyone and do a bit of networking.  I have met some lovely people through blogging, and am amazed at how many like minded ladies are out there.  The customers seemed to enjoy the fair and I enjoyed chatting to them all, and I also met two couples I knew when we lived in Devon.  I haven't seen them since we moved up  to Derbyshire seven years ago so it was lovely to catch up.  Thank you Lesley for organising such a lovely fair, it must have been jolly hard work to organise, Oops I haven't mentioned the lovely ladies in the tearoom who went under the name of 'More Tea Vicar?'  They kept us fortified all day with cakes and tea. It was a lovely weekend and now I am recovering and organising for the Vintage and Handmade Spring fair.  Have a lovely week and fingers crossed for more of this wonderful sunshine.
Jo xx

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Bodice Ripping with Stewart Granger and a Makeover!!

I was absolutely thrilled this week to at last get my hands on an antique Victorian corset circa 1880, and what a corset!! The lady who wore this was indeed a very lucky lady and I wonder who bought this for her, I would love to know the story behind this naughty purchase?

It is sadly quite fragile and therefore not wearable so I am afraid the fantasy of the red corset and Stewart Granger will have to remain just that, oh, and the fact he is sadly no longer with us!!

He was sooooo dashing.

It had to be very slowly and painstakingly laced onto the torso of my waspie waisted mannequin.

I have wanted an original corset for simply ages and they are so hard to find now, but thanks once again to the lovely Ann from Poppies Cottage I now am the proud owner of one....and I can't help but think of the gorgeous Stewart Granger when I look at it!
Onto cleaner matters, I have given my beaded Deco headdress a bit of a makeover.

Now I never normally fiddle with antique pieces as I don't really believe in restoring things unless it is absolutely necessary, but the headdress was crying out for the fringing to be replaced as according to Ann it would have had some form of fringing around it.

I had some original glass beaded fringe dating back to the 20's, it was given to me by the elderly neighbour of my in laws some years back.  I have always held onto it and actually forgotten about it until recently.

I have just tacked the fringing onto the skull cap very loosely so as not to damage any of the bead work, and am very pleased with the results.  I like to think this is a bit nearer to how it would have looked.

Clarissa now looks like a real flapper..shame she can't do the Charleston!

I have also just purchased this rather beautiful 1920's beaded wedding headdress..it really is just for display and will be for sale when I can bear to part with it.  I am off to Devon tomorrow for the long awaited Nostalgic Mix 2 fair in Totnes, please do pop along on Saturday if you possibly can, if the last one was anything to go by you will be in for a real treat.  Take care and have a great weekend.
Jo xx

Sunday, 20 March 2011

A lovely day out & Some wonderful finds

Hope you are all having a great weekend, mine kicked off with getting ready for the Northampton Vintage Fair held yesterday.  It was a beautiful day and the people were out in force.  Ann and her hubby had been up since the crack of dawn getting the hall ready and putting up bunting.  It was lovely to meet some fellow bloggers and to have a nosey at all the lovelies on offer.  For some photos of the fair please see Ann's blog Vintage at the Corner House or Clover Cottage, Sharon was the official photographer for the day. I'm afraid our photos didn't come out all that well, and they certainly did a much better job of capturing the day.  It was lovely to see Annie The Felt Fairy and her daughter Amy from Blighty Boutique  we had a good laugh and lowered the tone a little (as I always seem to have a knack for doing...can't think why?).  We also caught up with Linda and her hubby from Tabbyroo.  Her hubby and mine had grand designs on hitting the tearoom and cakes before the fair opened but their plans were thwarted by the vigilant ladies serving behind the counter!!  It was also great to catch up with Debbie from Home thoughts from Vintage Wants, and I bought a beautiful vintage Bridesmaids headdress and some millinery flowers from her.

Aren't they gorgeous, I think they must date from around the 1920's.
I also met Wend from Ticking Stripes, a really lovely lady with some lovely treasures, I bought a sweet little 1930's coffee cup and saucer from her.

It's the little cup and saucer in the front of the photo.  I also caught up with Heather from Hellish Designs, she does a wonderful range of vintage French goods, and gorgeous lampshades and cushions.  I bought a lovely French fabric covered box from her.

I am very tempted to keep this little box to add to my own collection.  I also made some purchases today with a bit of a Crinoline Lady theme going on.

I have a real weakness for anything from the 1930's, when we lived in Devon we lived in a 1930's cottage and it was filled to the brim with Art Deco furniture..even the sofa and chairs were the Odeon style originals...I sold it all as it didn't really fit in with our Victorian Cottage that we now live in and I still hanker after that look!!

I have to thank Andy for my find of the day though, he deserves the credit for this lovely vintage luggage rack, it is going to be perfect for display at the fairs, and who knows, I might be tempted to part with it one day!! My rather gorgeous large Gladstone is now sitting resplendent on it.  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a great week.
Jo xx

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Clarissa The Blushing Bride

After a rather busy week and weekend things are slowly returning to normal...well normal for us!!  I am busy this week getting my stock organised for Northampton Vintage fair this coming Saturday, and I am going to try and find the time to do some sewing as well (famous last words).  I thought you might like to see a couple of recent purchases I have made for Clarissa my 1920's mannequin bust.

Clarissa is now sporting a rather lovely wedding veil and wax flower tiara dating to the 1920's.  I bought it from a lady in France and it came in the original box.

It is very delicate and there is a little damage which I suppose is only to be expected when you are around 90 years old.

I have also just purchased this original 1920's flappers beaded headdress from Poppies Cottage.  Please click on the name to be taken to this wonderful website, a real treat for anyone who adores early vintage clothing like myself.  Ann also sells on Ebay under the same name and is a really lovely person to deal with, and a real expert.  I will be visiting again I am sure.

The bead work is so beautiful and must have been so labour intensive.  The edging around the headdress is missing but I think it still looks absolutely stunning, it even fits me!!

I am surprised by how much it weighs, but just think what it would have looked like worn with a heavily beaded flapper dress....oh to have lived then.  My Nan who was born in 1920 always says that she and I were born the wrong way round.  She can't understand all the fuss about vintage and antiques and her home is filled to the brim with modern items, she always says she is the oldest thing in her house!!  I did find some lovely bits and pieces on Sunday that will be going on my stand this Saturday.  Hope you all have a lovely week, and thank you for leaving lovely comments and a big hello to all my new followers.
Jo xx

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Huge Gladstone

I have just become the proud owner of a rather large Gladstone bag.  As you all know I have a penchant for conker brown leather luggage and after a visit to the Brackley Antiques Centre in Northamptonshire I came away with this rather fab and extremely large Gladstone.

Goodness only knows how someone carried the thing once it was packed as it is so heavy when it is empty.

To give you an idea of the size I have placed my other large Gladstone next to it.

It is rather gorgeous and we are currently in the process of cleaning and feeding the leather to bring back the lustre it once had without of course spoiling its patina of age.  I am keeping it but am going to part with the other large Gladstone that was in the picture to justify it to myself.  Am off to an antiques centre in Leek Staffordshire this morning...will let you know if I come up with any other goodies.  Hope you are all having a relaxing weekend.
Jo xx

Monday, 7 March 2011

Vintage Jumbles, Fairs, Quilts, mannequins & a Carpet Bag!!

What a hectic weekend we have had, but it has been wonderful.  Andy and I were up early on Saturday morning to make the journey down to Rangeworthy in Gloucestershire for the first Vintage Jumble organised by Jayne and Michelle of V&H fame.  They had everything beautifully organised, even down to the WI manning the tea room (the cakes were wonderful) and some jolly bunting hung around the village hall.  It was really lovely to meet them both.

Here is a picture of my stand once we had set up, it was pretty clear by the end of the day.  I think we arrived with nine boxes and took home about four very light ones.  It was also lovely to finally meet Niki from Nostalgia at the Stonehouse, Abby from Vintage Tea time and Daniella from Acorn and Will.  There was such an array of treasures on offer and at bargain prices...even Andy did some shopping!!  He bought a couple of garden items from one stand and a beautiful illuminated religious book from Abby.  I almost needed gas and air when I spotted a piece of carpet poking out from underneath something on the floor by one of the stands only to pull it out and discover a vintage carpet bag!!  I have been looking for an old carpet bag for as long as I can remember.

It apparently came from an old lady who was an artist and she would carry pictures round in it.  I apologise as I cannot remember the lovely lady's name who I bought it from, but she had some really lovely treasures on her stand.  I also bought a vintage 1930's umbrella from her.  You won't believe how many offers I have had for the carpet bag, but I am afraid it is staying.

Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable day, the hall was packed, the buyers were delighted to see so many lovely things at bargain prices.  Everyone was so lovely, and it was a great atmosphere.  Jayne and Michelle are busy organising Vintage Jumble 2 as we speak...a big thank you to both of them for all their hard work.

The next day we were up even earlier and headed off to The Antique Textile Society fair in Manchester.  The sports hall that was the venue was packed to the brim with the most delicious textiles, linens, fabrics, vintage and antique clothing...you name it, it was there.

I was very lucky to have such a large stand where I could display everything so beautifully.  I did do very well, not as well as might be expected for a fair of this quality, but the other stall holders all said the same...I think it is a sign of the times.  I can't complain though, I made enough money to indulge in a couple of naughty purchases.

This has to be my find of the weekend.  I was having a mooch around the fair before the doors opened to the public when I came across this beautiful French child mannequin on one of the stands.  Well, I almost passed out...I have never seen one like this for sale before, he just had to come home.

 I even love his little pot belly!!  
We are now both absolutely shattered, but what a weekend we have had, meeting lovely new friends and buying new naughties...what more could I ask for?
Have a great week everyone, I am off to collapse in a very unladylike heap somewhere!!
Jo xx

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Hat Blocks & Grain Sacks

Just a quick post to tell you about yet more new purchases!!  I have just bought a wonderful antique wooden hat block and two grain sacks from Lois at Morgaine Le Fay Textiles.  Many of you will know her name from Ebay, but she has just started her own website selling the most exquisite textiles, linens, fabrics and haberdashery.

I just love these two old grain sacks, I am going to use them to make cushions for the seating in the garden.

.....and I just love the sculptural quality of this antique hat block with it's chippy woodwork and old wood worm holes.  I have been looking for one of these for a while and it is just perfect.  It will be accompanying me to Manchester on Sunday to display a rather splendid vintage Bowler hat!!

I still have loads to do for the weekend so better get a wiggle on.  Have a great weekend whatever you are doing.
Jo xx