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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Bodice Ripping with Stewart Granger and a Makeover!!

I was absolutely thrilled this week to at last get my hands on an antique Victorian corset circa 1880, and what a corset!! The lady who wore this was indeed a very lucky lady and I wonder who bought this for her, I would love to know the story behind this naughty purchase?

It is sadly quite fragile and therefore not wearable so I am afraid the fantasy of the red corset and Stewart Granger will have to remain just that, oh, and the fact he is sadly no longer with us!!

He was sooooo dashing.

It had to be very slowly and painstakingly laced onto the torso of my waspie waisted mannequin.

I have wanted an original corset for simply ages and they are so hard to find now, but thanks once again to the lovely Ann from Poppies Cottage I now am the proud owner of one....and I can't help but think of the gorgeous Stewart Granger when I look at it!
Onto cleaner matters, I have given my beaded Deco headdress a bit of a makeover.

Now I never normally fiddle with antique pieces as I don't really believe in restoring things unless it is absolutely necessary, but the headdress was crying out for the fringing to be replaced as according to Ann it would have had some form of fringing around it.

I had some original glass beaded fringe dating back to the 20's, it was given to me by the elderly neighbour of my in laws some years back.  I have always held onto it and actually forgotten about it until recently.

I have just tacked the fringing onto the skull cap very loosely so as not to damage any of the bead work, and am very pleased with the results.  I like to think this is a bit nearer to how it would have looked.

Clarissa now looks like a real flapper..shame she can't do the Charleston!

I have also just purchased this rather beautiful 1920's beaded wedding headdress..it really is just for display and will be for sale when I can bear to part with it.  I am off to Devon tomorrow for the long awaited Nostalgic Mix 2 fair in Totnes, please do pop along on Saturday if you possibly can, if the last one was anything to go by you will be in for a real treat.  Take care and have a great weekend.
Jo xx


  1. o wow Jo, that corset is a real stunner how tiny was her waist..it always amazes me. You have some of the most beautiful items in your home that i see on blogland your home must be a real treasure trove ;-) Love what you have done to the headdress is looks gorgeous. Enjoy the fair on saturday, dee x

  2. The corset is really beautiful, it's hard to believe that anyone is really that shape though ! The beading on the skull cap looks just right and finishes it off perfectly. Have fun in Devon, I am sure it will be great and the weather looks good.
    Ann x

  3. What a gorgeous corset - and the Deco head dress looks complete now. Both beautiful pieces.

  4. oooh corset!
    oooh stewart!
    oooooooooooh head dress!
    drooling away here!

  5. What fantastic beaded headdress! It is stunning.
    I see you are a Stewart Granger fan too... I liked the roles he played.
    Isabelle x

  6. You did well with the beaded makeover - the cap looks even more fabulous than it did before.

  7. Ooh la la....fab corset Jo and it is absolutely perfect on your grey waspie waisted mannequin!
    Have a safe journey to Devon tomorrow and a successful day at the Fair on Saturday...
    Julie x

  8. Oh, to be able to fit into a corset with such a tiny waist, it is fantastic. I love the cap, especially now it has the beading on it... just need a cocktail and you will be hot to trot! Have a great fair, Abby x

  9. Wow, the owner of the corset must have had such a teeny waist! Lovely. Well done on the 'flapper' hat - looks really good! Have a good day at the Fair. Abby x

  10. Jo, you really do get the most sublime treasures :0)

    Have a great day tomorrow. Hope your still coming to bunny's do?

    Me and my youngest both hope that Fonzie got his swiss roll? :0) We love your pug photos.

    Take care,
    Donna x

  11. The corset is faboulous and incredibly tiny, women were prepared to suffer then weren't they!? Hope your fair goes well Linda xx

  12. Oh how lovely to have an original corset like this, so nice. The head dress looks fabulous and so detailed.
    Best wishes Julie.C

  13. Gosh, that corset is amazing. I wonder who it belonged to and what sort of a lady (?) she was!! The head dress looks stunning.
    Ruth x

  14. Hi Jo - lovely to network with you yesterday. I see what you mean about how it must have looked through the window when Andy was lacing the corset, more naughty than Agent Provocateur!!
    T x

  15. Great to see you yesterday.. no doubt you raggaed your way all the home! Thought this might be of interest http://elizabethbaertextiles.blogspot.com/
    check it out! xx

  16. Wow, how amazing is that corset! It is absolutely gorgeous! I love the headress, what a lot of work it must have taken to make something so stunning!

    Great to see you at the fair, looking forward to seeing you in Stratford where I hope you and pug daddy will be on you bestest behaviour! Not! ;=D


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