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Monday, 28 March 2011

Nostalgic Mix 2 in Totnes & New Finds

Hope you all had a great weekend.  I travelled down to Devon on Friday ready for the Nostalgic Mix Fair in Totnes organised by Lesley from This 'n' That.  The weather was lovely and in fact we couldn't have asked for better.  On the way down I had to of course stop off in Ashburton to see my lovely friend Ros and her gorgeous shop 'The Snug', full of the most stunning treasures.  Needless to say I made some purchases, but they are all destined for my stand at the Vintage and Handmade Spring Fair on the 9th of April...can't wait! 

I bought some beautiful vintage velvet millinery flowers and some vintage cloth covered buttons in their original packaging.

The most exquisite length of chain stitch embroidery I have ever seen.  please do click on the image to study the beautiful detail, it must have taken hours and hours of painstaking work, and is just as beautiful on the back which shows the skill of the embroiderer.

Another beautiful length of hand embroidery on silk.  This is very similar to the sleeve bands on my 1920's embroidered jacket, and again the back is as good as the front in fact I had to study them both to see which way round it was.

I love the little velvet millinery bouquets, they are so delicate and pretty.

The gorgeous set of vintage fabric covered drawers I have Tracey from The Vintage Bothy to thank for.  As we were setting up for Totnes on the Saturday I spied them before she had even had time to put them on her stand!!  She very kindly held them for me until I had enough pennies to pay for them.  I am so thrilled with them as I have been looking for a lovely set of vintage display drawers for all my smaller items.

They are covered in beautiful vintage roses fabric to the back and sides and the drawer fronts are covered in the most delicious faded textile with large blowsy roses on it.  They have pride of place on our occasional table until I use them for the fairs, but they are definitely staying!!  I wasn't in too much trouble for buying them, all I got was 'I knew you would come back with something'!!!  He knows me only too well!!  I am sure you'll agree though, they were irresistible.  I also met up again with Lizzie and her hubby, as usual she had some lovelies on her stand that was up on the stage, I was very tempted but I thought I'd better not push my luck and buy too much!!  It was really busy all day and very difficult to get away to talk.  My Mum had a stand next to mine but we seemed to be steady with customers all day and it was hard to get away to chat for very long.  My apologies for not having any pictures of the fair but the ones I took on my iPhone didn't do it justice, and the fact that I am a rubbish photographer. It was a wonderful day and great to catch up with everyone and do a bit of networking.  I have met some lovely people through blogging, and am amazed at how many like minded ladies are out there.  The customers seemed to enjoy the fair and I enjoyed chatting to them all, and I also met two couples I knew when we lived in Devon.  I haven't seen them since we moved up  to Derbyshire seven years ago so it was lovely to catch up.  Thank you Lesley for organising such a lovely fair, it must have been jolly hard work to organise, Oops I haven't mentioned the lovely ladies in the tearoom who went under the name of 'More Tea Vicar?'  They kept us fortified all day with cakes and tea. It was a lovely weekend and now I am recovering and organising for the Vintage and Handmade Spring fair.  Have a lovely week and fingers crossed for more of this wonderful sunshine.
Jo xx


  1. Sounds like a great fair,the fabric drawers are beautiful, it can be hard not to get carried away at fairs when you're surrounded by so many lovely things! Linda xx

  2. Hi Jo - it was great to see you and Carol again, even if we did "network" too much! The drawers look great, but what beautiful, beautiful embroidery.
    I love the picture of the 5 pugs, they should have a caption bubble, as I wonder what they are thinking??
    See you soon
    T x

  3. Lovely things as always, the drawers are great for display. I always came home from a fair with more than I had taken! Have a great week, Abby x

  4. It was so good to see you too! Did you get my hurried message about the Elizabeth Baer blog... she is asking for anyone interested to get in touch.... xx

  5. Lovely fabric covered drawers and that embroidery is so beautiful.
    You just never know what you are going to find at these Fairs....
    Julie x

  6. Sounds like such a great out Jo. Sadly the weather has turned and its raining today ;-( you have some lovely finds i love those little draws with the rosed on really pretty. enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  7. Toooo tempting for words
    Cate x

  8. Hi Jo

    Another set of French drawers, you really are on a roll, they are absolutely beautiful. I also love the millinary flowers, I have some myself in my kitchen in a couple of glass art deco vases.
    Sounds like you had a good day.

  9. Looooooooooove that set of French drawers!! I haven`t found any for ages.

  10. Hi Jo
    They will be beating a path to your stall next Saturday with all those beautiful treasures..
    Looking forward to welcoming you to your first V & H.
    Michele x


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