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Monday, 7 March 2011

Vintage Jumbles, Fairs, Quilts, mannequins & a Carpet Bag!!

What a hectic weekend we have had, but it has been wonderful.  Andy and I were up early on Saturday morning to make the journey down to Rangeworthy in Gloucestershire for the first Vintage Jumble organised by Jayne and Michelle of V&H fame.  They had everything beautifully organised, even down to the WI manning the tea room (the cakes were wonderful) and some jolly bunting hung around the village hall.  It was really lovely to meet them both.

Here is a picture of my stand once we had set up, it was pretty clear by the end of the day.  I think we arrived with nine boxes and took home about four very light ones.  It was also lovely to finally meet Niki from Nostalgia at the Stonehouse, Abby from Vintage Tea time and Daniella from Acorn and Will.  There was such an array of treasures on offer and at bargain prices...even Andy did some shopping!!  He bought a couple of garden items from one stand and a beautiful illuminated religious book from Abby.  I almost needed gas and air when I spotted a piece of carpet poking out from underneath something on the floor by one of the stands only to pull it out and discover a vintage carpet bag!!  I have been looking for an old carpet bag for as long as I can remember.

It apparently came from an old lady who was an artist and she would carry pictures round in it.  I apologise as I cannot remember the lovely lady's name who I bought it from, but she had some really lovely treasures on her stand.  I also bought a vintage 1930's umbrella from her.  You won't believe how many offers I have had for the carpet bag, but I am afraid it is staying.

Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable day, the hall was packed, the buyers were delighted to see so many lovely things at bargain prices.  Everyone was so lovely, and it was a great atmosphere.  Jayne and Michelle are busy organising Vintage Jumble 2 as we speak...a big thank you to both of them for all their hard work.

The next day we were up even earlier and headed off to The Antique Textile Society fair in Manchester.  The sports hall that was the venue was packed to the brim with the most delicious textiles, linens, fabrics, vintage and antique clothing...you name it, it was there.

I was very lucky to have such a large stand where I could display everything so beautifully.  I did do very well, not as well as might be expected for a fair of this quality, but the other stall holders all said the same...I think it is a sign of the times.  I can't complain though, I made enough money to indulge in a couple of naughty purchases.

This has to be my find of the weekend.  I was having a mooch around the fair before the doors opened to the public when I came across this beautiful French child mannequin on one of the stands.  Well, I almost passed out...I have never seen one like this for sale before, he just had to come home.

 I even love his little pot belly!!  
We are now both absolutely shattered, but what a weekend we have had, meeting lovely new friends and buying new naughties...what more could I ask for?
Have a great week everyone, I am off to collapse in a very unladylike heap somewhere!!
Jo xx


  1. Oh Jo, your pics of the vintage jumble are the 3rd lot of seen. It looks like such a brilliant event.

    I love those quilts, they're easily the most beautiful I've seen!

  2. What a fabulous weekend you have had Jo....you must be shattered!
    How wonderful is that carpet bag?
    Such a lovely thing to find and you must definitely keep it....unless you want to sell it to me of course....
    Great quilts and mannequin too....I knew you had a good eye...well done!
    Julie x

  3. What a wonderful, if tiring, way to spend the weekend and you found so many lovely treasures

  4. Lovely to see you on Saturday, looks as if you had some fantastic finds this weekend.. well done! it has to be worth it for the miles travelled & hard work eh! xx

  5. Hi Jo,

    Looks like such a speacial day out you have some amazing finds, sadly towards the bottom of your post the photo's didnt show for me so i wasn't able to see your new mannequin...bugger. But i love the way you get excited over your finds to ;-)) Im loving the carpet bag i wonder what the ladys art work was like. I adore those quilts to so pretty i love roses. have a lovely week, dee x

  6. Hi, Jo - good to see you and Andy too! It was great on Sat wasn't it? Sounds like Sunday was pretty good for you too - I thought of you as I sat in the garden!! Love the quilts - they're beautiful. And the mannequin's so cute! See you again sometime! Have a good rest now - you deserve it! Abby x

  7. Those quilts are beautiful! Well done on all your sales x

  8. Beautiful quilts and I just love the chubby tummy on your mannequin (does he have a name yet?)
    I can just imagine how tired you are - not just with the buzz of the stalls but the travelling as well. Doubly satisfying though .. filling the car with empty boxes and bringing home new goodies too.


  10. Lovely to meet you both on Saturday!
    I think you should carry smelling salts if you are going to nearly pass out with delight so often! ;-)
    Great finds!


  11. Don't blame you for keeping the bag, it's beautiful, never seen anything like it.I know it's hard work but you did find some pretty special goodies Linda xx

  12. It was lovely to see you on Saturday Jo, given the chance I could have spent all day there and taken pretty much everything home with me! Hope to see you again soon, Becky x

  13. What a wonderful weekend you had :0)
    Wish I'd been with you lol.

    Hope you have a lovely week too. x

  14. I marvel how you and others can do back to back fairs.. I always feel shattered after doing one of ours and it takes me a day of being horizontal to recover. No stamina!
    It was so lovely to meet you and Andy.. and I I know our paths will cross again soon at the next fair. Just wait till I show my step-daughter your Pugs.. she will swoon. She is Pug mad!
    Michele x
    P.s Beautiful music.. reminds me of my mother.

  15. It was lovely to meet you Jo! And you thoroughly deserve those purchases, as you worked sooo hard...you must be shattered. The carpet bag had to be yours...I've never seen anyone so happy about a purchase! I bought a lovely painting from the same lady - she had some gorgeous things....and I'm so pleased with my bits from you too!
    Look after yourself and have a more restful weekend!
    Niki x

  16. Fab display of all your wonderful finds Jo! I can certainly see the appeal of your carpet bag...want it! xo


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