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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

More Naughties

Yes I have been buying again!  I couldn't resist these Victorian boots and cage bustle.

Very sweet little Victorian buttoned boots.  They will be coming to Antiques For Everyone where we are having a stand at the end of July.

These very sweet little silk wedding boots have an original hand written label with them saying they were worn by the ladies Grandmother at her weddding in 1858.  They even have their original bag with them.

A beautiful example of a Victorian cage bustle, and in fantastic original condition.
Hope you are all having a lovely sunny day.
Jo xx

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Lovely Day Out................

Hubby and I enjoyed a little jaunt over to North Wales yesterday to pick up two new mannequins from Drew Pritchard Antiques.

I know I have a huge collection already but I can't resist them when I find them and they are becoming very scarce now.  

These Stockmans are circa 1880's, and it is rare to find one let alone two so I feel very lucky.
On the way back from picking up the two mannequins we decided to pay a visit to John whose blog called 'Going Gently' I read everyday.  Some of you will be familiar with it.  John lives in the beautiful welsh village of Trelawnyd with his partner and assorted animals.  His blog is the most fantastic and humorous read and I recommend it, it certainly brightens my day.  I have told him he should turn it into a book!

John showing me around his 'bosoms' (allotments to those who don't read his blog).

Was particularly impressed with Boris his sexually frustrated turkey who also has a shoe fetish, especially for 'crocs'..............

The beautiful countryside around his cottage.

It was lovely to meet you John and so kind of you to show us around, especially as you were meant to be in bed because you were working nights! Hope you don't think I'm some kind of stalker LOL!  Apologies for the bloody awful picture of me...........
Jo xx
PS thank you for the lovely goose egg xx