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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Vintage luggage and lampshades

I have recently developed a passion for vintage luggage, especially that of the leather variety (ahem!!) I am doing a Vintage Fair in Leeds this Saturday and have that age old problem of 'do I part with them or not?' The tan leather suitcase is one of my latest purchases. I also came home with the obligatory vintage baskets, one a fishing creel and the other a 1950's sewing basket on legs which I am going to line with vintage fabric. I have a dilemma about these suitcases, I think I may keep the two dark leather ones and the tan one to stack in the lounge when it is decorated, but then I am fast running out of room here. Does anyone else have these dilemmas? Also, I am in love with the eiderdown fabric shade purchased on Ebay, this is a keeper though. It arrived the other day with a gaudy pink fringe, so hubby and I set to work with the super glue and the bobble fringe and here you have the finished article. It lights up pink when lit at night - the pink is slowly creeping in downstairs.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Basket Case

I love vintage baskets of all shapes and sizes and have amassed a huge collection of them. I have recently tried my hand at lining them with vintage fabrics and a small lavender heart to decorate. Hope you like them. I will be taking them to the Vintage fairs I am attending in May. QUICK UPDATE - I HAVE SOLD THE FRENCH VICHY CHECK BASKET - SO PLEASED YOU ALL LIKED THEM

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Mr Gillette ready for an afternoon in the Lagonda

An update on Mr. Gillette, he is now sporting a rather fab vintage leather flying helmet, goggles and leather gauntlets ready take the Lagonda out for a spin in the country with his new companion, yes you've guessed it!! Mrs. Gillette. Andy thinks I'm certifiable!!

Car booting

Here are my vintage finds from our local car boot. Whilst Andy and Louis were at the Gadget show, PJ (big Pug) and I went foraging at the local car boot sale. It was massive and took ages to get in as we had to queue. The weather was lovely. I do admit I am having to eat my words as I have always said there are never any decent vintage bits and pieces to be found, but today I could have spent the earth! I bought two gorgeous vintage wicker shopping baskets from a lovely lady as well as a little silver kettle with a wicker handle. I also bought some bits and pieces of old china. My best buy was the vintage wind break, the man really did not want to sell it as he had only just bought it to protect stuff on his stall, but I made him an offer he could not resist and he gave in and sold it to me, for a fantastic £15!! I could have kissed him as I have been looking for one for ages. It also replaces one that was lost many years ago that belonged to my wonderful Grandparents. I remember their old striped wind break and family holidays with such fond memories.

Greenhouse and car boot love

Had a fab day today, have been tidying up the greenhouse and buying some lovely bits at our local car boot. Andy has suddenly gone all pipe and slippers in his old age and become a veritable Percy Thrower, and has been hard at work in the greenhouse as you can see. Our neighbours often refer to us as Tom and Barbara, but unfortunately I don't look as good as Felicity Kendal in dungarees!! Whilst Andy and Louis were out today at the Gadget Show at the NEC in Birmingham I set about tidying up in the greenhouse which spells disaster as Andy moans he cannot find anything once I have been in there!

Thursday, 1 April 2010


What a Hogfest!! It was pure heaven. Have a great Easter everyone.
Jo xx


The hotel was in the most gorgeous setting, this was the new wing that was added in recent years, it is very in keeping with the old part of the hotel. The grounds were stunning, no wonder there were two wedding receptions being held there on the Friday and the Saturday.

Weekend away

We were very lucky to win the 'Period Living' readers awards for the best room make over last year. Our bathroom was featured in the February 2010 issue. We couldn't believe that our bathroom won the competition, we only entered for a laugh and didn't think we stood a chance. Naomi the features editor and Brent the photographer came to photograph the room and stayed to have lunch with us. I know it sounds silly but I have dreamt of having my home in one of those magazines. As part of our prize we won a weekend away in a 'Handpicked Hotel'. They have hotels across the country. We chose a 12th century moated manor house in Sutton Coldfield called Newhall. It wasn't far for us to go, but it was the hotel that really stood out because of it's history. It was absolutely stunning.