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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Car booting

Here are my vintage finds from our local car boot. Whilst Andy and Louis were at the Gadget show, PJ (big Pug) and I went foraging at the local car boot sale. It was massive and took ages to get in as we had to queue. The weather was lovely. I do admit I am having to eat my words as I have always said there are never any decent vintage bits and pieces to be found, but today I could have spent the earth! I bought two gorgeous vintage wicker shopping baskets from a lovely lady as well as a little silver kettle with a wicker handle. I also bought some bits and pieces of old china. My best buy was the vintage wind break, the man really did not want to sell it as he had only just bought it to protect stuff on his stall, but I made him an offer he could not resist and he gave in and sold it to me, for a fantastic £15!! I could have kissed him as I have been looking for one for ages. It also replaces one that was lost many years ago that belonged to my wonderful Grandparents. I remember their old striped wind break and family holidays with such fond memories.

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