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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Vintage luggage and lampshades

I have recently developed a passion for vintage luggage, especially that of the leather variety (ahem!!) I am doing a Vintage Fair in Leeds this Saturday and have that age old problem of 'do I part with them or not?' The tan leather suitcase is one of my latest purchases. I also came home with the obligatory vintage baskets, one a fishing creel and the other a 1950's sewing basket on legs which I am going to line with vintage fabric. I have a dilemma about these suitcases, I think I may keep the two dark leather ones and the tan one to stack in the lounge when it is decorated, but then I am fast running out of room here. Does anyone else have these dilemmas? Also, I am in love with the eiderdown fabric shade purchased on Ebay, this is a keeper though. It arrived the other day with a gaudy pink fringe, so hubby and I set to work with the super glue and the bobble fringe and here you have the finished article. It lights up pink when lit at night - the pink is slowly creeping in downstairs.


  1. Oh yes I also have that problem! sell or keep? however I am eventually forced into selling when the house gets too stuffed! love the lampshade,I am looking for a gingham one or red toile,never seem to see one!

  2. If you sell things that you have no room for with the pennies you earn you can buy other things that you need or want more .I love the old cases these are also useful but they do take up a lot of room .
    The lampshade is very pretty I love seeing items made from recycled eiderdown fabric


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