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Monday, 23 April 2012

Fabulous Vintage Bazaar

Last Saturday we were up bright and early and heading down to Frome for the much anticipated Vintage Bazaar organised by Lizzie and Clare.

We arrived early with enough time to set up.  The standard of the stalls was excellent as usual.  There is so much gorgeousness to look at you don't quite know where to begin.

I took along a selection of items from ballet dresses to haberdashery items, and yes, you have spotted a mannequin for sale, in fact I sold two as I am kind of running out of room here at home.

We came back with a fairly empty van, apart from a few little purchases which I will tell you all about in a mo.

Everyone setting up and getting ready for the customers.  I also had the privilege of meeting Dee and Jane, two lovely fellow bloggers.  I love meeting people in the flesh so to speak and to me it reinforces why we do this.  There are so many lovely like minded and inspirational ladies (and gents of course) out there.

Debbie's gorgeous gardening stand.

Down to the purchases acquired.  The gorgeous French girl came from the lovely Sophie from Fading Grace who we were standing next to, her friend Kirsty was there to help her.  The lovely Ostrich feather plume came from Ali  (Betty and Violet).  The gloves and nightdress case came from a lovely stand, I am sorry I can't remember who you are, but I am thrilled with them.

These sweet little corsages and Victorian scrap book pieces came from Debbie and her hubby that had the beautiful gardening stand.

These beautiful rustic French shutters also came from Debbie, and I am hoping that hubby can do something with them so I can use them for a display prop on my stand at future fairs.
We arrived back home shattered, but it was such a wonderful and inspirational day, meeting lots of lovely customers and the atmosphere was so friendly and full of laughter.  Thank you to Lizzie and Clare for organising such a wonderful fair.
Jo xx

Friday, 20 April 2012

Ready for the Vintage Bazaar

At last I am ready (well, almost) for the Vintage Bazaar being held in Frome tomorrow at the Cheese & Grain.  It is a lovely fair and organised by the wonderful Lizzie & Clare.  It promises to be full of the  most delightful vintage and hand made treasures and is a feast for the eyes.

Vintage and antique costume.

Quilt pieces, blankets, quilts....

Vintage fabric patchwork packs.  

Just some of the bits and bobs I am taking.  I've just got a few items left to sort and then I am ready.  Hope to see you there if you can make it.
Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing.
Jo xx

Thursday, 12 April 2012

New Treasures

It has been a rather fortuitous Easter weekend  and we managed to find several new treasures, some to add to the ever growing collection and some to sell on at the fairs.  Where do I start..............

On Easter Sunday we took a little jaunt to Oxfordshire and a new antiques centre near Weston-on-the-Green called 'The Old Flight House'.  It is well worth a visit, full of quality dealers and lovely French antiques to tempt.  I found this rather lovely old lady, a Stockman waspie,  and was surprised to see she was for sale as usually they are only for display.  My lovely hubby bought her for me as an Easter pressie as I don't really do the chocolate thing!  She now has one of my antique corsets laced onto her.

This antique velvet suit was a bargain from a certain auction site.  It must have been made as a fancy dress costume and I think must date to around the 1920's.  The silk is shattered but the velvet is still vibrant and in lovely condition.  It fits my little French boy perfectly.

A lovely Victorian quilt which will be coming to the fairs, some damage but still strong enough to be used.  I love the different fabrics that the maker has used.

I recently found this lovely 1920's ladies travelling writing set.  It was the cover that attracted me as I didn't realise at first what it was.

When opened it still has it's original paper and envelopes inside and blotting paper intact.  A lovely thing to remind us of a time when people wrote letters instead of emails!

Lastly I found this gorgeous Victorian hexagon quilt circa 1880, in lovely condition and currently residing on our super king bed!
Now I am busying myself sorting through stock ready for The Vintage Bazaar on the 21st April and the conservatory is becoming a makeshift stockroom once more.  
Enjoy the rest of the week whatever you are doing, we have my lovely sons 18th birthday to celebrate this coming weekend...EEK can't believe it, where did 18 years go!!
Jo xx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Lovely Bit of Nostalgia

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend?  Just a quick post to share something that I have rediscovered after many years.  It must be at least ten years ago I taped a programme called 'London's Country', a documentary made in 1954 by London Transport.  As technology has moved on and we no longer have a video recorder the programme was lost.  I have searched and searched in vain, and had even forgotten what it was called only recalling that it was narrated by Howard Marion Crawford.  Then yesterday after a fruitless search my darling hubby discovered the recording in two parts on You Tube!

Sorry about the tiny picture!

It is the most wonderful piece of nostalgia and harks back to an era we all hanker after.  It shows London in 1954 and it's surrounding countryside, probably all built on now!  If you have a spare half an hour I can recommend sitting in front of the computer with a cuppa and heading back to 1954......Enjoy! I have posted the two links below for parts one and two (hope they work)
Jo xx

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Hope you are all having a very Happy Easter and eating lots of chocolate!
Jo xx