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Thursday, 12 April 2012

New Treasures

It has been a rather fortuitous Easter weekend  and we managed to find several new treasures, some to add to the ever growing collection and some to sell on at the fairs.  Where do I start..............

On Easter Sunday we took a little jaunt to Oxfordshire and a new antiques centre near Weston-on-the-Green called 'The Old Flight House'.  It is well worth a visit, full of quality dealers and lovely French antiques to tempt.  I found this rather lovely old lady, a Stockman waspie,  and was surprised to see she was for sale as usually they are only for display.  My lovely hubby bought her for me as an Easter pressie as I don't really do the chocolate thing!  She now has one of my antique corsets laced onto her.

This antique velvet suit was a bargain from a certain auction site.  It must have been made as a fancy dress costume and I think must date to around the 1920's.  The silk is shattered but the velvet is still vibrant and in lovely condition.  It fits my little French boy perfectly.

A lovely Victorian quilt which will be coming to the fairs, some damage but still strong enough to be used.  I love the different fabrics that the maker has used.

I recently found this lovely 1920's ladies travelling writing set.  It was the cover that attracted me as I didn't realise at first what it was.

When opened it still has it's original paper and envelopes inside and blotting paper intact.  A lovely thing to remind us of a time when people wrote letters instead of emails!

Lastly I found this gorgeous Victorian hexagon quilt circa 1880, in lovely condition and currently residing on our super king bed!
Now I am busying myself sorting through stock ready for The Vintage Bazaar on the 21st April and the conservatory is becoming a makeshift stockroom once more.  
Enjoy the rest of the week whatever you are doing, we have my lovely sons 18th birthday to celebrate this coming weekend...EEK can't believe it, where did 18 years go!!
Jo xx


  1. Wow Jo you do find some amazing things. I love your Stockman Waspie, she is lovely. It is my lovely girl's 18th at the weekend too her birthday is the 15th, what a coincidence ! Hope to see you both soon.
    Ann x

  2. Some great finds there and how lucky you were that the mannequin was for sale. With that lovely waistline it doesn't look as if she ate chocs either! The writing case is lovely too but obviously not well used by its previous owner as it looks in such good condition.
    Ruth x

  3. Gorgeous finds Jo!! I love the quilts and the writing set especially, but that little velvet suit looks absolutely beautiful! -So tactile!!

    Pleased you had a super Easter my dear :o)

    I'm looking forward to popping back later and following your links for that tv program. Thankyou for posting them my dear :o)

    Have a fandabby weekend Jo celebrating your sons Birthday! Goodness me, time sure does fly!
    Take care lovely lady
    Love n a great big hug,
    Donna xx

  4. Another manni! What a well trained husband you have Jo.
    Love the velvet suit and the gorgeous quilt for your bed too.
    Enjoy your son's birthday at the weekend and no dancing on the tables in your corset....
    Julie x

  5. Hey Jo, I missed you at Totnes, however it was lovely to see your Mum and she had a lovely stall.
    I noticed your sofa, I recently bought a massive 20's bergere sofa and had decide to recover the big squishy cushions in odd sacks and linen, just like yours!
    Lovely buys by the way, some of the dealers in The Flight House are from OPF, I expect you could tell.
    Anyway happy birthday to L, it is a shock isn't it?!
    See you at VB.
    T X

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  7. Hello Jo, I love the blog and the great pictures. If you ever fancy doing a vintage fair in Somerset please come to ours because we'd love to have you. The stalls are only #12 for the day, our building is beautiful, in town, and right on the river, with great walks. Our cafe serves delicious food too!
    I think you'd like our eco-restored building with its history and lovely location. (There's been a wharf and port here for centuries and the warehouse that we're in was built about 200 years ago). Take a look. www.greatbow.org.uk The website is up for re-design so ignore the brown.
    If you would like to come and sell your wares here you're just the sort of person we'd love to have here.

  8. Hi Jo,
    More amazing finds!...You have the gift, that's for sure!
    Looking forward to Saturday...See you there.

    Happy 18th Birthday to your son...my youngest was 18 last November...time does indeed fly...

    Niki x


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