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Friday, 20 April 2012

Ready for the Vintage Bazaar

At last I am ready (well, almost) for the Vintage Bazaar being held in Frome tomorrow at the Cheese & Grain.  It is a lovely fair and organised by the wonderful Lizzie & Clare.  It promises to be full of the  most delightful vintage and hand made treasures and is a feast for the eyes.

Vintage and antique costume.

Quilt pieces, blankets, quilts....

Vintage fabric patchwork packs.  

Just some of the bits and bobs I am taking.  I've just got a few items left to sort and then I am ready.  Hope to see you there if you can make it.
Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing.
Jo xx


  1. Good luck for tomorrow Jo those materials are just luscious and those ballet pumps are beautiful.

  2. Have a wonderful time Jo! wish I lived nearer it sounds fabulous xx

  3. Have a good 'un my friend. x

  4. Funny...My purse feels lighter already!...Can't wait to go shopping tomorrow...You have some gorgeous items as usual...
    See you there, Jo,
    Niki x

  5. I expect you are either doing some last minute sorting, or having an early night... but I do hope to see you at the fair tomorrow! Jane xx

  6. Dear Lovely Jo, I hope you have the most fabulous time, and manage to dodge the raindrops my dear!

    You are -as always- taking some beauticious (is that a word?) items with you, and I so wish we were going too!
    Have a great weekend, and take care.
    Love and a big hug,
    Donna xx

  7. Hi Jo, i am so pleased to hear you are going to Frome i am coming over for a visit i am pretty sure i will know who you are from your stock ;-)) Look forward to seeing you there seems to be a lot of ladies from blogland going and doing a stall ;-)) dee xx

  8. What a beautiful Jo your fairs,
    and as I will be there with the
    nose in to all your wonders.
    It 's been nice to see you all in March!
    I wish you good luck
    Susy x

  9. It was so lovely to meet you yesterday your stall was gorgeous just like you. It was a wonderful fair the stalls were amazing it was one of the best i have been to. Take care and have a lovely week, dee xx

  10. Your stand was wonderful Jo. So pleased to hear that you had a good day as you deserved to with all that scrummy stuff! Lizzie x

  11. Hi Jo, thank you for following my blog! Have a lovely week, Claire xxx


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