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Tuesday, 10 April 2012

A Lovely Bit of Nostalgia

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend?  Just a quick post to share something that I have rediscovered after many years.  It must be at least ten years ago I taped a programme called 'London's Country', a documentary made in 1954 by London Transport.  As technology has moved on and we no longer have a video recorder the programme was lost.  I have searched and searched in vain, and had even forgotten what it was called only recalling that it was narrated by Howard Marion Crawford.  Then yesterday after a fruitless search my darling hubby discovered the recording in two parts on You Tube!

Sorry about the tiny picture!

It is the most wonderful piece of nostalgia and harks back to an era we all hanker after.  It shows London in 1954 and it's surrounding countryside, probably all built on now!  If you have a spare half an hour I can recommend sitting in front of the computer with a cuppa and heading back to 1954......Enjoy! I have posted the two links below for parts one and two (hope they work)
Jo xx


  1. Brilliant nostalgia Jo...I can't believe how many red buses there were at the beginning of the video!
    Oh to turn the clock back to a gentler time...
    Have a lovely week,
    Julie x


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