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Monday, 27 February 2012

Busy Weekend

I am coming back down to earth with a bump after what has been a very hectic weekend.  It all began on Friday with getting ready for Stafford Antiques fair.  Thankfully we were allowed to set up on Friday taking the pressure off being there at the crack of dawn to set up on Saturday morning.  All I had to do was turn up and faff on Saturday morning.  The fair was very busy on both days and I was pleased to receive lots of compliments about my stand as I did wonder if I would be out of place at an antiques fair as I am more used to doing textile based fairs.  I was one of only a handful of stall holders selling textiles and the others seemed to be selling house hold linens rather than quilts and fabrics.  The customers and other stall holders were lovely (apart from one customer that is!!)  and we had a couple of days filled with lots of laughter, as usual I was very entertaining and loud!!

These lovely French trinket boxes have a lovely story attached to them.  I had just had the worst customer (you always get one don't you?) when a lady who had been to my stand earlier and spied an eiderdown she liked but couldn't quite afford suddenly reappeared around the side of my stand brandishing these gorgeous trinket boxes.  She very tentatively asked me if we could do a swap, the boxes for the eiderdown?  All the way home she said she couldn't stop thinking about the eiderdown and came up with the idea to offer me her French boxes in exchange.  I could have hugged her as I was still seething over my customer from hell.  I told her that she had restored my faith in human nature as she was so kind and lovely.  I was more than happy to swap the eiderdown for the boxes as I have long coveted one of the large trinket boxes after missing out on one a while ago.

I didn't really get much chance to have a look around but towards the end of the fair I spotted this box of millinery feathers on another stand nearby.  There are two large Ostrich feathers and two smaller plumes.

On closer inspection I then realised the box was worth the money I paid in itself, it is an old corset box with a date of 1903 on the front.

On the back is a load of spiel about a dubious sounding new metal that has been invented called 'Zairoid'!! which doesn't break or rust and is therefore more reliable in the making of corsets!  To me it sounds like a cream for piles!!

Inside the box is a flap of paper (sadly no corset) that obviously covered the contents and pictured on it are these beauties in their finery...oh for a figure like that!
It has been a very enjoyable weekend but now it's back to the housework and weekday routine, although I do have something very exciting to look forward to next Sunday....the Manchester Antique Textile fair, held by the Antique Textile Society annually and where I will be partaking of a little spend!  Have a great week.
Jo xx

Friday, 17 February 2012

Spring and an Award!!

My apologies for the length between posts but life has rather got in the way somewhat!  We have currently got my sons friend from Wales staying over for the week and to be truthful we have hardly heard a peep out of them both as they are busy killing zombies and the like on X box!  I have treated myself to some beautiful Spring flowers today whilst the boys are in Birmingham this afternoon.

Pretty Ranunculus, tulips and roses in one of my antique storage jars I bought many moons ago.

The larger jar has tulips, roses ans hyacinths in.  I've got a set of five of theses storage jars each with lids and the names of food written on them which I think is German.  They can't be used for their original purpose but make lovely containers for flowers.

Another recent acquisition, yes, another, couldn't resist the faded beauty of this one!

I just adore these Edwardian boots, but I am not keeping them, they will be coming to one of my many fairs booked for this year.

I have also just received my new business cards.  The image on them is taken from a set of Edwardian dance cards that I've had for ages, I just love her Harem pants!

Finally, a big thank you to the lovely Charlotte from a Cottage in Totteridge blogspot for my rather fab award!
Apparently I've got to tell you seven random things about myself, here goes..............

1. I've been with my South African hubby for 21 years, GULP......
2.  When I was at stage school when I was a child we auditioned for the stage production of the King and I.
3.  I was a 60's Mod in the early 80's and used to haunt Carnaby Street most weekends.
4.  I once met the lovely David Suchet in Sainsburys in Torquay and he was an absolute sweetie.
5.  I once dated the Grandson of Barnes Wallis who invented the bouncing bomb!
6.  I once did some work experience in a Funeral Directors and wish I'd gone into the profession.
7.  I love eating chips with beetroot!

Apparently I've now got to pass this ward onto 15 other bloggers so watch this space...
Have a wonderful weekend.
Jo xx 

Monday, 6 February 2012

French Fabric Box Makeover

We purchased this antique French fabric box a while ago and my clever hubby has worked his magic on it!

As you can see it was a little battered with no lid but still very pretty and worth restoring.

Firstly, a new lid was made and covered in vintage linen.

A lip left for the new fabric hinge.

What was left of the old fabric lid was then glued in place on the new lid and left to dry with several heavy books insitu.

The new lid in place with the fabric for the hinge.

The new hinge glued into place and covered with the original fabric on the box.

The other side of the fabric hinge tucked into the inside of the box and glued into place.

The box with its new lid finally in place.

It is still rather shabby but just how I like it and it will be perfect for storing my vintage trims and lace in to sell at the fairs.  I do have a very clever and patient hubby, don't I?

We are also recovering from quite a hammering from the white stuff.  This is a view taken down our road.  It is still pretty chilly and lots of snow hanging around.

It's al right for some of us though!!  Stay safe and warm and have a great week.
Jo xx