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Monday, 6 February 2012

French Fabric Box Makeover

We purchased this antique French fabric box a while ago and my clever hubby has worked his magic on it!

As you can see it was a little battered with no lid but still very pretty and worth restoring.

Firstly, a new lid was made and covered in vintage linen.

A lip left for the new fabric hinge.

What was left of the old fabric lid was then glued in place on the new lid and left to dry with several heavy books insitu.

The new lid in place with the fabric for the hinge.

The new hinge glued into place and covered with the original fabric on the box.

The other side of the fabric hinge tucked into the inside of the box and glued into place.

The box with its new lid finally in place.

It is still rather shabby but just how I like it and it will be perfect for storing my vintage trims and lace in to sell at the fairs.  I do have a very clever and patient hubby, don't I?

We are also recovering from quite a hammering from the white stuff.  This is a view taken down our road.  It is still pretty chilly and lots of snow hanging around.

It's al right for some of us though!!  Stay safe and warm and have a great week.
Jo xx


  1. A great makeover. Our white stuff is fast disappearing, thankfully, as its no good for weekdays;)

  2. Yes Jo, Andy is very clever, however I think he is VERY patient!! hehe! See you some time this year ?!
    T x

  3. Oh Jo it looks really lovely love the fabric very pretty. Bless your little pooch he looks so snug ;-)) Love the new look of your blog to. Enjoy the snow. dee x

  4. Love your new look blog Jo...much clearer to read too!
    "Handy Andy" has done a great job with the fabric box...it will be ideal for displaying all your lovely trimmings at the Fairs.
    Have a good week..
    Love Julie x

  5. Great makeover and I love the new header on your blog.
    Ruth x

  6. love your new header.
    did the pugs run about in the snow? We only had a mornings-worth but by the look of the skies more is on its way.
    keep warm

  7. I love your new look blog my dear, it's very pretty!
    I've been thinking of you, and 'betting' with myself in a most envious way that you've had snow! LOL
    We didn't even have a flake! :o(

    Yep, I think your husbands brilliant re-making that pretty box. It'll look a treat at your fairs filled with your beautiful bits of lace and treasures :o)

    Have a lovely week, and wrap up warm lovely lady!
    Take care now,
    Love n hugs,
    Donna xxOOxx

  8. The box looks fab, well done. Good to hear that you are surviving the white stuff! xx

  9. Packing up all my broken boxes as we speak.....he doesn`t know what he has let homself in for!!!

    Can`t believe all that snow...we haven`t even had a flake!

  10. Hi Jo,

    Great work on the box! There's an award for you on my latest post!


  11. Hello - Love the covered box! I'm always looking for vintage fabrics. My stash is all used up! I'm also looking for ways to use/display some vintage white gloves that I have ... any ideas?


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