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Friday, 17 February 2012

Spring and an Award!!

My apologies for the length between posts but life has rather got in the way somewhat!  We have currently got my sons friend from Wales staying over for the week and to be truthful we have hardly heard a peep out of them both as they are busy killing zombies and the like on X box!  I have treated myself to some beautiful Spring flowers today whilst the boys are in Birmingham this afternoon.

Pretty Ranunculus, tulips and roses in one of my antique storage jars I bought many moons ago.

The larger jar has tulips, roses ans hyacinths in.  I've got a set of five of theses storage jars each with lids and the names of food written on them which I think is German.  They can't be used for their original purpose but make lovely containers for flowers.

Another recent acquisition, yes, another, couldn't resist the faded beauty of this one!

I just adore these Edwardian boots, but I am not keeping them, they will be coming to one of my many fairs booked for this year.

I have also just received my new business cards.  The image on them is taken from a set of Edwardian dance cards that I've had for ages, I just love her Harem pants!

Finally, a big thank you to the lovely Charlotte from a Cottage in Totteridge blogspot for my rather fab award!
Apparently I've got to tell you seven random things about myself, here goes..............

1. I've been with my South African hubby for 21 years, GULP......
2.  When I was at stage school when I was a child we auditioned for the stage production of the King and I.
3.  I was a 60's Mod in the early 80's and used to haunt Carnaby Street most weekends.
4.  I once met the lovely David Suchet in Sainsburys in Torquay and he was an absolute sweetie.
5.  I once dated the Grandson of Barnes Wallis who invented the bouncing bomb!
6.  I once did some work experience in a Funeral Directors and wish I'd gone into the profession.
7.  I love eating chips with beetroot!

Apparently I've now got to pass this ward onto 15 other bloggers so watch this space...
Have a wonderful weekend.
Jo xx 


  1. oohh i love the ballarina dress they are just so magical and beautiful. Congratulations on the award lovely to read a bit more about you. Have a great weekend, and i have to say hurray for xbox's ;-)) Mine love them to. dee xx

  2. wish I could squeeze my bunions into those boots...I feel aged enough this week to have Edwardian Bunions, but I still don't think they'll fit!

    I love eating ANYTHING with beetroot, or even loads of beetroot on its own...landed me in hospital once for an emegency oscopy because the red colour dyed EVERYTHING but I'll leave the rest of that tale to your imagination!

    Have a great w.e xx

  3. Ah Jo, those flowers are so pretty in those pots.. Your new business cards look fabulous too!

    That tutu looks beautiful as well.
    The boots look much too narrow for my lil' ole' fat feet! ;o) but I do love them though!!

    We just missed each other up London my dear, although if you'd popped along the Kings Road in the early 80's you would have seen my other half with all the other punks up there :o) I didn't get there till the mid-late 80's..
    Those were the days! Colour, life and fun!! :D

    And i seriously think the funeral business missed out when you didn't go into it Jo.... Is it really too late my dear???

    Have a great weekend, and wrap up warm,
    Love and big hugs to you my lovely lady,
    Donna xxOOxx

  4. Bet those flowers smell lovely,I still have my daughters tu tu can't part with it,you couldn't be in a rush wearing those boots could you.
    I thought of you last week when a little boy in my class said his dog had had 2 babies, pugs no less can't imagine baby pugs they must be so tiny.
    Cate x

  5. You're a versatile blogger....me too!
    Love your classy business cards Jo,
    Julie x
    Have a lovely weekend with South African husband x

  6. Hi Jo, I did enjoy this post and I love the 7 random thing! I often treat myself to flowers and I have to admit I do covert your storage pots a little... Have a hapyp week. Jane xx

  7. Thank you for your blog comment, loved the list of things you did about yourself. The new business cards are great. See you Saturday. xxx

  8. Oh dear - I feel so old! I was a Mod who haunted Carnaby Street IN the 60s, fuelling my jaunts with vegetarian tit-bits from Crank's restaurant (until 1964 we had not heard of anything more exotic than quiche...)


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