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Monday, 27 February 2012

Busy Weekend

I am coming back down to earth with a bump after what has been a very hectic weekend.  It all began on Friday with getting ready for Stafford Antiques fair.  Thankfully we were allowed to set up on Friday taking the pressure off being there at the crack of dawn to set up on Saturday morning.  All I had to do was turn up and faff on Saturday morning.  The fair was very busy on both days and I was pleased to receive lots of compliments about my stand as I did wonder if I would be out of place at an antiques fair as I am more used to doing textile based fairs.  I was one of only a handful of stall holders selling textiles and the others seemed to be selling house hold linens rather than quilts and fabrics.  The customers and other stall holders were lovely (apart from one customer that is!!)  and we had a couple of days filled with lots of laughter, as usual I was very entertaining and loud!!

These lovely French trinket boxes have a lovely story attached to them.  I had just had the worst customer (you always get one don't you?) when a lady who had been to my stand earlier and spied an eiderdown she liked but couldn't quite afford suddenly reappeared around the side of my stand brandishing these gorgeous trinket boxes.  She very tentatively asked me if we could do a swap, the boxes for the eiderdown?  All the way home she said she couldn't stop thinking about the eiderdown and came up with the idea to offer me her French boxes in exchange.  I could have hugged her as I was still seething over my customer from hell.  I told her that she had restored my faith in human nature as she was so kind and lovely.  I was more than happy to swap the eiderdown for the boxes as I have long coveted one of the large trinket boxes after missing out on one a while ago.

I didn't really get much chance to have a look around but towards the end of the fair I spotted this box of millinery feathers on another stand nearby.  There are two large Ostrich feathers and two smaller plumes.

On closer inspection I then realised the box was worth the money I paid in itself, it is an old corset box with a date of 1903 on the front.

On the back is a load of spiel about a dubious sounding new metal that has been invented called 'Zairoid'!! which doesn't break or rust and is therefore more reliable in the making of corsets!  To me it sounds like a cream for piles!!

Inside the box is a flap of paper (sadly no corset) that obviously covered the contents and pictured on it are these beauties in their finery...oh for a figure like that!
It has been a very enjoyable weekend but now it's back to the housework and weekday routine, although I do have something very exciting to look forward to next Sunday....the Manchester Antique Textile fair, held by the Antique Textile Society annually and where I will be partaking of a little spend!  Have a great week.
Jo xx


  1. Gosh! I'd've been chuffed just to find the millinery feathers but in that box...amazing!
    It doesn't matter where you work, there always seems to be 'one', doesn't there? Ha ha!
    The trinket boxes are beautiful; I think that was a very good swap.
    Z xx

  2. Thw corset box is so wonderful and the paper inside is stunning!!

  3. Please keep taking your lovely textiles to antiques fairs - many people are looking for these to buy, I can assure you.

  4. "Thankyou that trinket box lady for cheering our jo up :o)"

    Don't you worry about mean customers! As my son says (this is very rude, so please excuse me on your blog!) "She must have looked in the mirror before she came out the house this morning!"
    Or as my hubby says "Must be her time of the humf!" ;o)
    Okay, I'll stop being cross for you now my lovely :D

    Your boxes look super! And your feathers and corset box are a treat my dear :o)

    I hope you have a most splendid time at the manchester gig!
    Have a happy, happy week my dear.
    Love Donna xx

  5. Hi Jo,
    A lovely lady that I know who visited the V&H textile fair on Saturday, told me that she then went to the Stafford fair where you were the following day. She said that your stall was by far the nicest one there amongst the others filled with china figurines etc! I can well believe her, as your stall, wherever you are, is always so inviting and gorgeous. Well done you on sticking to your style Jo! And I'm so glad the beautiful glass boxes came your way from the kind lady you met - a great swap!

    Enjoy your week,
    Niki xx

  6. Hi Jo, I do feel for you with your hoorid customer. I do have a bit of a temper and I find keeping it in those sort of situations leaves me feeling all tearful! I'm glad everything else went well and happily. Ooh for a corset-worthy figure...Jane xx

  7. Wow, Jo, that is definitely a great swap. I love french jewellery caskets.

    Unfortunately, there's always one that spoils the bunch. Lets hope they get what they give.

    Enjoy your weekend, Tam x

  8. Oooh that Manchester fair looks fab..I'll have to let my mum know...Looking forward to seeing you again x

    1. love the ARTIST sidebar photo
      jean is a real dish isnt he?

  9. Hello, please can youu tell me if you web site is up and running, its just i seem to be having difficulty reaching you/
    Kind Regards
    Marie-Claire Kingman

    1. Hi Marie Claire
      Sorry but my website is down at the moment and in the process of undergoing a re-vamp! If you want anything specific please email me at hestanesta@hotmail.co.uk and I'll see if I can help. Have a lovely weekend.
      Jo xx


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