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Saturday, 3 March 2012


We arrived home from shopping to this...............

and take a guess who the guilty one is...............

Yes, you've guessed it.....the Fonz!
Have a lovely weekend and now I'm off to sew up my cushion.
Jo xx


  1. Not me Mum....it was one of the others...honest!
    Julie x

  2. Awww! Look at that face! Bet he's been forgiven!

    Are you coming to the Northampton Fair next week? Hope so!

    Z xx

  3. Oh no Jo! You've got it wrong! It couldn't possibly be the Fonz...you can see how innocent he looks...the little sweetie :o)

    Oh bless him! Give him a hug from me won't you Jo:o)

    Just popped over to wish you a splendid day tomorrow my lovely lady :o)
    Lots of luck to you. xx

    Love n hugs,
    Donna xxxx

  4. bless him what can you say to that ;-) Love your new blog layout it looks really pretty. Hope you managed to save your cushion have a great weekend, dee x

  5. It does make you smile...my dog will also do that. She treats cushions like she does her doggie toys...just unstuffs them


  6. I don`t believe you...just look at that innocent face..............never!!

  7. Naughty Pug :) You can't be mad with such an adorable face though!

    My Pugs are funny things, they won't chew anything unless it's edible. They're greedy like that. x


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