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Thursday, 29 March 2012


Sorry it has been so long!  I am pleased to report that my foot has returned to it's normal size and is feeling much better now...thank you for all your good wishes.  
I have had some rather extraordinary luck lately.  You remember the Zairoid corset box that I found at Stafford Antiques fair a few weeks ago.....well, I have just found an Edwardian Zairoid corset....how lucky is that?

I cannot believe how lucky I was to find this corset, not only because of their rarity but also finding the original box and the same make of corset only weeks later!

It was made for a larger lady as I have had to pad out my poor mannequin in strategic places...she does need some chicken fillets though as she is a bit lacking in that department!

The corset also came with a very interesting story attached....it was found in 2011 by some builders renovating a Victorian property and it was bricked up in the wall!  The lady who rescued it painstakingly restored it to it's former glory, and surprisingly is still very strong with very little marking and damage to it.

The corset still has it's original writing inside which is exactly the same as the box.  I am absolutely thrilled with it and it will become part of my ever growing obsession with Victorian and Edwardian ladies 'unmentionables'.

Last Saturday saw another fabulous vintage Jumble in Rangeworthy organised by Jayne & Michele of V&H fame.  True to form it was the classiest jumble ever with bargains galore.  My first purchase of the day was this beautiful Edwardian underskirt from Ali, I just fell in love with it.

These adorable little ballet shoes (as if I haven't got enough) also came from Ali.  I also bought loads of fabric from her, some of which was destined for my Mum who was desperate for some to replenish her stash.  The little Victorian angel decoration came from Shirley at Simply Château.

A recent bolster I have made.  It was made from a salvaged return from a French linen monogrammed sheet and very fiddly I might say!

I even managed to salvage some of the embroidery for the back of the bolster pillow. I would love to keep it for my bedroom but have got to be good and make some lovelies for the forthcoming fairs.
I hope you have all had a great week and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.  I have managed some gardening and to avoid getting bitten again!  Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned.
Jo xx


  1. Oh wouw.I love it!

  2. Wow what an amazing story i wondered who the lady was that owned that corset and why on earth it was stored away in the wall..really makes you brain runs away with you maybe she wasn't allowed to wear it and hid it from her husband ;-) Those shoes are adorable i wonder how many times they were worn and if they danced in any large troups. See my brain is off again ;-) Have a lovely weekend to, dee x

  3. Cool stuff. We are happy your feets are back to regular size
    Benny & Lily

  4. hiya- Serendipitous indeed, obviously sent just for you!

    Glad your foot has resumed normal service- did you get bitten by a Blandford Fly if so apologies, as they originally hatched out here and then descended on the rest of the country to inflict intense pain!

    Enjoy the sunshine

  5. LOVELY CORSETS! I must be treasure-hunting in the wrong places as I rarely find them - unless ladies just let it all hang out up here in the North!

  6. Love the bolster cushion, I'm sure that will be snapped up.
    Ruth x

  7. I'm glad to see that my antique corset has gone to a good home! How amazing it is that you found the box for it as well. I'm so pleased :)



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