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Monday, 5 March 2012

The Manchester Antique Textile Fair

Yesterday, at last, came the long awaited antique textile fair at the Armitage centre in Fallowfield, Manchester.  I decided not to stand this year but rather to save up and go on a buying spree!  It was an early start for us as they let trade in from 8.30am and we arrived just in time regardless of the awful weather.  The sight that meets your eyes as you enter the large hall is astounding, in fact it can render you speechless! There are just rows and rows of tables and stands laden with every kind of antique and vintage textile imaginable.

My first purchase of the day was a table top mannequin, they are incredibly hard to find and I have been searching for one of these elusive creatures for a while.  She is missing her neck finial but I am sure I can come across a replacement on my travels.  Her linen covering is stained the most delicious tea colour with age, just how I like them.

I also managed to find some also very elusive cutter quilts, these are becoming harder and harder to find now.  I must admit a couple of them are too good to chop so I will sell them as is.

I also managed to unearth an antique champagne silk corset which apart from a piece of lace that needs restitching is in fabulous condition. 

 Can you imagine being this tiny? 
 It is actually displayed on a child mannequin!

A pretty piece of champagne coloured lace which I thought may come in useful for projects.

This gorgeous original beaded and sequinned 1920's French gown and original slip (with Paris label) also came from the same seller as the corset and lace.  The gown has some damage to the shoulders and a piece on the skirt but someone with dress making skills could rectify this and perhaps it could be worn again?

My favourite find of the day was this delicious little Edwardian summer dress.  It is a plain cotton dress, but it has been covered with an over dress of the most delicate (and edible) faded rose bud voile and then edged with delicate lace.  It is quite the most beautiful ethereal piece I have ever come across.

It has the most pretty silk bow around the waist and is tiny.  If you click on the picture you may be able to see the voile better.  Can you imagine wearing something so delicate?

My little pale shell pink Edwardian kid leather shoes would look beautiful with the dress don't you think?  Sadly as a larger member of society I can only dream...........
Hope you all have a lovely week.
Jo xx
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  1. Hi Jo,

    What a delicious haul! Did you have torrential rain up there as well yesterday? I love the lilac and pink spriggy quilt near the bottom of the pile. Perhap you could let me know if you ever decide to sell that one!


  2. Wow what a lovely lots of finds! You must be made up with it all! I think that tiny corset might just fit you or I! See you soon chuck x

  3. Wow you always find the most amazing antique girly items that corset is delightful but so tiny it makes you catch yout breath just thinking of a lady wearing it. Have a good week, dee x

  4. Hello Jo,
    I think treasure hunting at a vintage fair or flea market is probably my favourite thing to do in the whole world! I feel like a dog straining at its lead at the start of a walk, just desperate to dash off and see everything! You made some great buys, I did look closely at the rosebud dress and it's so beautiful. I'm glad you had a happy day. Jane xx

  5. Wow Jo you do find some amazing things, you must have been in heaven !
    Ann x

  6. Hello my lovely,
    green as grass from Stafford here :)

  7. Fab, Fab, Fab...love everything Jo.
    You have bought some fabulous things and all worth getting up for at some ungodly hour and driving miles through awful weather.
    Wish I had been there to pinch that mini mannequin from under your nose....
    Enjoy your new treasures,
    Julie x

  8. Lucky you! My main passion is for costume and needlework in all its forms, but I've NEVER visited a textiles fair. Mr N insists we do our treasure-hunting at antiques venues where I can look for fancy fripperies while he checks out bloke's stuff.

  9. Such lovely things to find, I couldn't chop uo those quilts either.
    Cate x

  10. You do find some amazing things and how nice for you to be a spectator and buyer rather than seller this time.

  11. the second mannikin in the first photo looks like Patsy Stone from ADFAB!


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