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Monday, 23 January 2012

Welsh Blanket Love

I have always loved Welsh blankets, their different patterns and colours, they always look so lovely draped over a favourite chair or folded at the end of a bed.  I am in no way an expert on them and couldn't tell which mill they had come from or what age they are like some experts can...I just know that I love them.  So you can imagine my delight this morning when I received a phone call from a lovely textile dealer locally whom I regularly buy from.  I always know when she phones me it is not to be missed!

Going to pick these beauties up certainly beat housework hands down!

They are truly stunning, some are in great condition like the little Welsh shawl on the top and some have mends on them which I think adds to the character.  Sadly the lovely green tapestry blanket second up from the bottom is quite damaged but can be used to make the most spectacular cushions complete with fringing.

It wasn't all just blankets though, this beautiful shabby Durham quilt had to come home too, well, I couldn't leave it there could I?  I am thrilled with my purchases, my lovely contact always does me proud!  She always washes them all so they are clean and ready for me. They are all destined for the fairs I will be attending throughout the year although the little shawl may have to stay awhile :)
Have a great week.
Jo xx


  1. ooooh blanket lust! They are gorgeous Jo! x

  2. love them - beautiful. I love the last one featured


  3. lovely. i adore blankets, lambswool, cashmere, chenille. everything.

  4. So lovely! There is such a pleasure in dealing with beautiful and useful things isn't there? Jane x

  5. oohhh lovely much better than housework ;-)) Those blankets just make you want to snuggle up under its horrible cold and wet here today. Love quilt to. dee xx

  6. Ooooo Jo, I have serious blanket envy! I collect Welsh blankets too, and have them in every room in the house. How wonderful to receive such a fabulous assortment, and getting that Durham quilt too is such a bonus. How can you part with them?!
    Abby xx

  7. I hope you get this comment dear Jo, as I have tried to leave one a few times and your comment box doesn't like me :o( Or maybe you have banished me LOL ;o)
    I found some welsh blankets inthe charity shop the other day..I was going to go back for them as I didn't want to carry them around, but alas, I forgot...:o(
    Your's look stunning! And fancy having a little shawl too :o) And no, you definitely couldn't leave that quilt behind on it's own, that would have just been mean now...

    How's your back my lovely? Hope it's getting better in time for your fairs my dear! Have you got any snow yet?
    Take care lovely lady, and kep warm,
    Love n hugs,
    Donna xxOO

  8. Oooooh la la!! That quilt is edible!

  9. Lovely blankets, bet you all get cosy in your cottage!your blog is looking pretty smart Jo, like the colours. Linda xx That advert on my sidebar is for last years Cotswolds!Hope I haven't missed out on booking..

  10. Those look scrummy, just the job in this temperature! Hope you don't get snowed in this weekend..... Newark was fairly nail-biting with the weather on its way!!! xx


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