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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Impulse Buy

Here is my latest purchase, an original Art Deco wedding cake stand. I saw it in an antiques centre and just had to have it. I don't know why because our cottage is not at all Deco just a traditional English cottage. I just loved the thought of all the weddings it was used at all those years ago and what a beautiful centrepiece it must have made. It even came in it's original, very unassuming wooden box with a label stating 'Brunners' cake stand. I'm not sure if I am going to use it to display pretty vintage bits and bobs or perhaps hire it out for weddings with a vintage theme (although how I would do this I don't know). It really is the most unusual thing, but as Andy knows, I have a penchant for the unusual (I am poised ready to pick up two vintage male mannequins this weekend to add to my collection). Will keep you all posted. Have a great weekend everyone, we are almost there xx.


  1. hi Jo, what a corker! might be owrth getting married agin just so you can use it...then again....

    looking forward to seeing your new male friends. I've never bought a vintage male mannequin. Lucyxx

  2. I love it Jo! yes it would be a good display piece,but also wouldnt it be fab to display your xmas cake on,or any cake for that matter,its gorgeous! and where do you find these male mannequins? I cant wait to see Mr Gillettes new friends!xx


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