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Monday, 31 May 2010

More vintage Flags

I've been at it again!!  The lovely man at our local car boot sale who I bought my two previous vintage flags from contacted me about  a week ago and said that he had some more from a house clearance that he had done - so very excitedly Hubby and I trundled off yesterday with PJ in tow and went to see him.  Well!!  I almost had a cardiac when I saw them - five of them in total for what was a fantastic price.
There are two large Union Jacks on poles, a massive one on a three metre pole with finial, a Royal Standard flag and a lovely Coronation flag of Edward the seventh and Queen Alexandra from 1901- this one we are going to have framed and will hang it in the lounge once our building work is over (only a week to go before it starts - hopefully!)


  1. Oh wow! is all I can say! What a stroke of luck!


  2. Well done there!! It was meant to be!
    Have a lovely week!

    Sharon xx

  3. What a great buy! I bought a flag yesterday too, it was a 1953 Queen's Coronation.
    Smaller than your beauties, but no doubt it will transform into a great cushion...
    Julie x


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