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Saturday, 22 May 2010

Gardens and Pugs

At last, we have been able to get out and tidy up the garden, it was either the weather or being busy that seemed to stop us before. It still needs a lot of work but at least we have made a start. As you can see we have lots of Pug help in the shape of Pinkie and The Fonz (excuse my polka dot PJ's in the picture, not the most pleasant of sights first thing in the morning!) The naughty Pugs have somehow got into the raised bed and been digging! Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the lovely weather - it's gorgeous xx.

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  1. Your pug's names made me smile - we used to have a hamster back in the late 70's called The Fonz (or Fonzie to his friends) who was a real little character & escape artist.


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