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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Jonty & Julian Barrington-Havers

Here are my two new boys, all the way from Bristol. We drove down to pick them up this morning in record time I might add (nothing of course to do with me speeding in 'The Beast')! They are two vintage male mannequins, I would guess, that date from the 1930's and unfortunately have been through the Wars as you can see, mind you, I don't mind damage, it shows the past history and age of an object. I absolutely love them both and was so pleased to find them. Julian is sporting a vintage Sports blazer, college scarf and Sports cap whilst Jonty is wearing a vintage school cap and my University scarf from my student days until I can find him a vintage one. I will also be on the look out for a vintage jacket or blazer for him when I go to the fairs. On a different note, my friend organised a mini indoor fete in a local village near to us serving teas, homemade cakes, crafts and some of my vintage goods. It was held yesterday and was in aid of cancer research. She raised £486 which was staggering as the weather was awful but loads of people still turned up to support her - mind you, she is such a lovely person and had put so much hard work into organising the event. I was thrilled for her as I knew how much it meant to her. I am now getting ready for the Discover Vintage fair next Saturday in Stamford, Lincolnshire so I need to be sorting stock and sewing this week. Hope you all had a great weekend, I have, but now I am going to relax later with a glass or three of wine xx.

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  1. hi jo I love your new boys they look very dapper .Hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend


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