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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday Treasure

Hope you are all having a lovely Mothers Day, I had a lovely card and some 'smellies' from my gorgeous son.  I am so lucky to have a thoughtful teenager, nothing like me at that age!!  I wouldn't wish a teenage daughter like I was on anyone....say no more.  My Mum still reminds me of how bad I was and I am forty something now!!  Well, the weekend has offered up some wonderful finds once again.

A very sweet circa 1930's cut glass powder bowl and lid, and still with the original powder puff inside.  I don't think I have ever seen one with the original powder puff.

A lovely little Art Nouveau Hairpin box.

Another pretty little box that must have contained chocolates at one time.

I love this vintage wicker bottle basket, I have a weakness for baskets.

And now for a bit of a French theme......a lovely vintage baguette box.  I am going to give this a little makeover this week and paint it in a Farrow & Ball shade, and place some vintage French fabric behind the spindles at the front.

I also found some lovely vintage French coat hooks, three sets in fact, that will also be getting a little makeover.

I also found these gorgeous rustic circa 1920's vintage French bread proving baskets.  They are in good condition apart from a couple and I wouldn't recommend using them for their intended purpose but they will make fantastic display items.  I love the baguette baskets particularly.  So all in all it has been a fab weekend and now I am going to enjoy the rest of Mothers Day and put my feet up.....hope you are all doing the same. Have a great week and hopefully see some of you at the V&H next Saturday.
Jo xx


  1. Hi jo,

    Lovely finds i have never seen a wine basket like that its great. And that little glass powder bowl and puff are really sweet infact that puff is gorg on its own ;-) Cant wait to see your little make over on the box. Enjoy the rest of your sunday, dee x

  2. Some great finds again, well done. I will look forward to seeing the makeovers. I once sold one of those baguette boxes and the people who bought it were going to use it for spare loo rolls - I thought that a good idea!
    Ruth x

  3. Lovely finds Jo,you were very lucky to find the puff with the bowl and its so pretty. Glad to hear you have a thoughtful teenager, they can manage it sometimes! Linda xx

  4. Happy Mums Day to you too! I love the glass bowl and puffy - I have a glass bonbon jar filled with talc and a lovely puff - I uses it every day, my bedroom resembles a cocaine factory with all that white dust about ;-D See you soon xx

  5. I love all of these things and the baguette box will look great painted with one of Farrow & Ball's fabulous colours (I am a big fan of F&B!).
    Enjoy the rest of Mother's Day, Abby x

  6. Lovely Frenchie things Jo, can't wait to see what you do with the baguette box.... F&B and French fabric sounds perfect.
    Hope you have a great day this Saturday at the Fair....no doubt you have been busy making your gorgeous cushions and gathering fab things.
    Julie x

  7. fantastic finds can't wait to see the baguette box when you have finished its make over and i have never seen a puff inside the glass bowl before either its lovely
    xx fee

  8. I don't know how you do it, you always find such loveliness.
    I'm so glad that you've shown the powder bowl, I have a very similar one but didn't know what it was for.


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