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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Vintage Weekend & Six Pugs

My apologies for having taken so long to post about the Vintage & Handmade Spring Fair last Saturday. The weather was absolutely glorious it couldn't have been better.  Chipping Sodbury was very easy to find, thankfully for me with my terrible sense of direction.  We arrived just after eight and began the job of setting up.  I was out in the main foyer with Tracey from The Vintage Bothy, Woo from The Devil Makes Work, the lovely Donna Flower and her stunning array of vintage and antique fabrics, Daniella from Acorn and Will as well as a few others who I am sorry I didn't catch your names, so my apologies.

The atmosphere was lovely and it was great to catch up with some old friends as well as meeting new people.
Andy and I had a great laugh with Tracey and M. I was particularly loud and badly behaved which is what my public expects of me, so I can't let them down can I!!!

I had a real mixture of things on my stand, this was the fabric, quilt patches and haberdashery corner.  I piled all of my quilts and eiderdowns on to the vintage luggage rack for people to rummage through, and my handmade cushions fitted perfectly into the vintage laundry basket in front of the table.

Two little Easter rabbits that my Mum made sit amongst a selection of fabric and china.

Everybody loved the Stories for Girls books!!

The Quilt pieces and patches were my best seller on the day.  People like to make their own, and I almost sold out long before the fair was over.

More vintage lovelies, and my gorgeous set of drawers came in very handy on the day, they are perfect for storing and displaying vintage lace and millinery flowers.

A picture of my stand before the fair opened, I had a lovely spot and was able to spread out a bit which was wonderful as I always take too much with me.  My stand was fairly depleted by the end of the day, but the van was still full as Andy had been to the farm shop at Rangeworthy and stocked up on some of their delicious fare.

This was the view of the main hall with everyone setting up before the doors opened at 10 am.  I met the lovely Viv from Hen's Teeth, Hen from Henhouse and her hubby Andy looking rather resplendent in his Boden Tweed jacket and Lizzie The Washerwoman who was on the stage with an array of vintage lovelies. Clare from Daisy Darling was there with her beautiful cloche hats and a lovely set of fabric drawers which I tried to spirit away from her!! It was lovely to see Lesley again from This 'n' That in Totnes after the huge success the Nostalgic Mix 2 was a couple of weeks ago.   Finally I must say a big thank you to the two lovely ladies who organised the whole thing, Jayne and Michele.  They worked jolly hard to organise everything down to the last detail, and it went so smoothly.  Jaynes hubby has taken some fabulous pictures of the day so if you go to her blog Country Cottage Chic and click on the photostream link you can see the day in all it's glory.  Thank you for a wonderful day everyone and looking forward to the next.

Almost forgot to mention, we have a new Pug, we are currently looking after her for a friend.  Her name is Betty and she is second from the left in the picture.  As you can see she has settled in really well with our pack, and is already at home in front of the AGA.  Have a great week everyone.
Jo xx


  1. Jo- I just LOVE the pile of pugs!

    Looking forward to meeting you on the 9th, and after looking at the pics of your stand I'm SO pleased you've got a double space!!
    ps there's a Farm Shop next door to the Village Hall. . .:))

  2. Your stall looks great, Jo - no wonder you did well. The whole Fair looks fab - and what a great day for it! Abby x

  3. Hi Jo,
    It looks so wonderful! Hopefully I'll be able to make it to one of these fairs one day! I am moving to a new flat and I think one of your eiderdowns might be in order... :-)
    Becky xx

  4. Ooooo, I love those pugs all squashed together :o)

    Everything looks wonderful, and I wish I could have been there.
    Thankyou so much for sharing with us Jo.

    Hope you have a great week. x

  5. So pleased you could come to this fair Hesta and you did it proud with your fabulous display. I was smitten with that little rag rug you had on your stall. Might have to raid my piggy bank! Hope we get more time to chat next time we rendezvous.
    Told my stepdaughter about your Pugs.. should have heard her squeals.. she's Pug mad!!
    Michele xx

  6. Great pictures Jo, your stall looks so inviting and full of all the things I love!
    Such a sweet photo of sleepy pugs by the Aga :)
    Abby x

  7. Jo, Your stall looks really lovely...full of gorgeous things as usual.
    You certainly know how to display your wares in an enticing way!
    Great "Pugs by the AGA" picture....3 of each colour now too.... Betty was obviously meant to move in x
    Julie x

  8. It was lovely to have you both & your lovely wares at the fair Jo!

    What do you call a pile of pugs? A Piggle of Pugs? A Pickle of Pugs?


  9. Sounds like you had a great time Jo and sold lots of your lovely stock. The pugs are so sweet, I am guessing you won't want to give Betty back.
    Ann x

  10. Oh the puggies are too adorable. Lovely stall too. Wish I'd been there.

  11. It all looks so lovely..... glad you had a good day x

  12. It all looks so lovely must be great to meet up with other bloggers to.Love your little picture of your pugs and betty ;-) Enjoy the rest of your week, dee x

  13. Looks like a lovely day at the fair. Betty looks very much at home:)Linda xx

  14. It was fab to see you on Saturday, your stall looked ace.. probably a good thing i was at the other end of the fair! (have you seen my "treat" on the blog?).... Lizzie xx

  15. oh bless her! I have a Betty too! How lovely of your gang to welcome her so beautifully!

    The fair sounds amazing! The photos are brilliant - see you soon darling x


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