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Friday, 22 April 2011

Easter Weekend Gardening, Barbecue's & Pugs

Andy and I have decided to set to on the garden at last!!  It was horribly neglected last year because of the building work we were having done.  The garden was full of building materials and rubbish and subsequently not a lot was done.  We certainly paid for it and with the bad winter we had the garden was looking terrible.

Andy has been busy building two raised beds next to the greenhouse ready for the veggies we will grow this year.

The first one is finished and has been planted up with some pumpkins, squash, onions and garlic.  We still need to get some top soil to finish the second bed.

The decking has been moved under the old oak tree, and my summer house has had a much needed spring clean and spruce up with some summery bunting.

I pulled everything out and then re stacked it all in neatly...it probably won't look this way for long!!

I love sitting in here sorting through everything with the windows open and my pink Roberts radio tuned into radio 2.

The sweet peas are planted out and the tub ready for the runner beans.
There is still a lot to do but if we do a bit each week then hopefully the garden will be up and running again.

Of course Lily Pug has to be in on the action.

I think the Pugs were hanging around because they could smell the barbecue

Last weekend Elvis and I helped collect money for the PAT dog charity at our local garden centre.  Elvis visits a nursing home fortnightly as a PAT dog and they love him.  I enjoy it also because I miss my nursing days and caring for people. Elvis had to undergo a strict assessment to ensure he was of the right temperament to visit vulnerable people.  Unfortunately our other Pugs wouldn't be suitable as they are too boisterous!!

He was partnered by Robbie the ex racing greyhound who is also a PAT dog.  They loved the attention and we raised a fair amount of money so it was a good day all round.
Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend and enjoying this beautiful yet unexpected summer weather. 
Hope you all have a very Happy Easter.
Jo xx


  1. It is all looking good in your garden and I like the idea of raised beds, especially as I have a bad back so I won't have to bend down as far!
    You and Elvis are doing a great job for the PAT charity, I know from RDA how much people benefit from being around animals and it is very rewarding work too.
    Hope you have a lovely Easter. Abby x

  2. aawww a Pat dog what a lovely idea i think there should be more of those in this area i worked in care for nearly 15 years until my back and hips gave out. And i know of many Elderly and disabled children that would benefit in my area. Your garden looks lovely, love your summer house i would love to have one of those what a lovely space. Isn't it lovely when you can grow your own vegetables. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  3. Well your garden is looking good, I really need to have a go at ours...
    Happy Easter

  4. Hello I wanted to make you happy birthday
    GOOD EASTER, even to your family. and 'was a pleasure to meet you.
    Susy x

  5. Hi Jo.. wishing you and Andy a very Happy Easter too!
    It has been such a fantastic week for weather and pottering about in the garden is my favourite pastime ... Enjoy your new veg .. very satisfying picking your own!
    Look forward to seeing you next Saturday.
    Michele x

    P.s Gorgeous music.. takes me back to Tuscany.

  6. This year I am going to grow sweet peas too...I absolutely adore their scent.
    Have a lovely Easter Jo and look forward to seeing your raised beds full of gorgeous veg...you will now have to keep us up to date with all the progress!
    Julie x

  7. I adore that wood set of drawers on the right in your summer house Jo.

    The garden is looking good :o)

    Oh how lovely is Elvis..what a sweetie :o)

    Have a lovely Easter Jo.

  8. Happy Easter! Wish I had green fingers! Also a great giveaway over at Me Old China which ends on tuesday x

  9. Your garden is looking great, Andy has done a good job of the raised beds. Ours was finished and part planted up last week but it's not as raised as yours,never mind ! Your summerhouse is lovely, I would love one but we don't really have room. Elvis looks really cute, I think PAT dogs are great and really benefit people.
    Ann x

  10. The garden is looking fabulous....can you & Andy come round here next?

    Well done to Elvis with his fund raising efforts!


  11. The beds look great and I love your table and chairs. Happy Easter! x

  12. Your garden's looking fab and Elvis is adorable in his little coat. How lovely that everyone gets to share him for a bit x


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