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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Happy Halloween

We had a fab time last night with our Halloween celebrations, I'll leave you to enjoy the pictures.

Scary Pumpkins.

Scary hanging heads!

Bodies in the garden!

Party pooper...some people can't take the pace!

The Angel of Death

Devil Pugs!

Enter if you dare.

Scariest of all, alcoholic nuns with horns!

Hope you all had a great time, we did as you can see from the pictures.  Have a wonderful week.
Jo xx


  1. Fantastic (and scary!) pictures Jo, looks like you all had a great party... including cute 'Devil Fonz Pug' :)
    Abby xx

  2. Devil pugs?????? Jo, how could you?!
    Our Halloween was very quiet but some nice kids came TorT-ing.
    Then, this morning, I was phoned up by Mr B who'd gone out to catch the bus to the station, to inform me that not to worry, but some runt had chucked an egg at our window! Nice! Sorry, but if I ever find out who did it, I'd castrate the b'stard! So, onwards and upwards, eh?
    Z xx

  3. Crikey, Jo, I'm impressed! What a lot of effort you went to, it all looks fab. (Love the pug the most, of course).
    Hen xxx

  4. Great pictures Jo, we also had a pumpkin lantern sat in our bird bath in the front garden. your pug looks gorgeous.
    Ann x

  5. Wow, they really are scary! What a lot of work involved in creating these.

  6. I love the devil pug! He just looks so disapproving... Jane x

  7. Jo this looks fantastic!
    That hanging head looks amazing! I had to show your pics to my children and they were awed that you went to so much trouble, and wished you were our neighbour :o)

    Devil pugs I don't think! They are so cute :o)

    Pleased you had such a good time at the fair at the weekend.
    Take care my lovely, and have a great rest of the week.

    Love n hugs,
    Donna xx


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