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Sunday, 6 June 2010


Clarissa arrived very early this morning, all the way from Sussex.  I bought her from Serena who runs Attic Interiors www.atticinteriors.biz.  She is really stunning and I can't believe how real she looks, even the Pugs are barking at her thinking she is a real person!  Now the spending has got to stop as we are a week away from having the builders in!!  Have a great week everyone xx.


  1. She really is so life like....no wonder the dogs are confused!
    Good luck with your building work, I am sure all the disruption will be worth it....
    Julie x

  2. Love Clarissa!! Good luck with the builders. BW.

  3. i love her and good luck with the renovations

  4. I love her Jo! I can never find these old mannequins,I have one who is rather worse for wear,but you just dont see them now do you? lucky find xx


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