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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Smug person in the House

Feeling very pleased with myself today.  Take one copy of Homes and Antiques (September issue), one vintage travelling trunk, some fabric, PVA glue, scissors, marking pens, tracing paper, some swearing (in fact a lot of SWEARING!!) and here you have one fabric covered trunk, not bad eh??, well not bad for someone who usually creates a balls-up!!

Normally I cannot be trusted to follow even the simplest of instructions so I have surpassed myself this time.  I have used some vintage fabric and some cabbages and roses fabric as I didn't want to use up all my vintage stash as this requires quite big pieces.  It was very fiddly to do and I would recommend doing it outside as it does create a mess (another thing I do well)

I must confess it isn't quite finished yet as I still have the side pieces to do, but the main part is done (and I had run out of expletives to use - I am quite sure my neighbours have learnt some new words today!)  Joking apart, I have had great fun today and recommend anyone having a go if you have an old trunk that needs revamping.  Hope you are all having a great week so far.
Jo xx


  1. This looks brilliant, I saw the one in the magazine. I really don't think I would have the patience to do it but the result is great.
    Ann x

  2. how fab is that!
    today must've been National-Get-Butterfingers-Under-Control-&-Create-Something-Day...I am normally quite cackhanded, but I managed to line a wicker basket with faded fabric and line a little box with a remnant of 19thC wallpaper.
    We can be the Smug Sisters!

  3. Oohh lovely! The trunk looks brilliant! Well done!
    Tamzin X

  4. It looks amazing Jo! you are so clever.xx

  5. Jo, the trunk makeover is so good....I love your choice of fabrics....
    I have an old suitcase and some cabbages and roses fabric....think I might have a go too!
    Julie x

  6. Hi, the trunk is fab! clever you, i adore your choice of fabrics, in fact I have just read through your blog and i love your taste in iteriors, like me you live in an old cottage ,my cottage is mostly georgian ,but there has been a building on the same foot print since 14th centuary! so quiry works in a quiry building, will be back.. as we have so much in common, bestest wishes,Linda.


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