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Friday, 6 August 2010

Victoriana, More flags and a lovely pair of legs

Am back again, after a busy week, hope you are all Ok and looking forward to the weekend.

I have been at it again with the flags, can't get enough of them.  We bought a lovely Victorian cast iron table at the local car boot and I have had one of my visions!!  We didn't like the top so we are going to use my flag to cover it and then get a piece of glass made for the top to hold it in situ, and then hopefully we will have a new drinks table in between the sofa and the chair.  As the cottage is Victorian we have gone a little mad on the Victoriana front.  We have an original Gothic revival sanctuary lamp made in the style of Pugin that we wanted to be a centrepiece in the dining room so we found an original Gothic cast iron ceiling rose to go with it - we did love giving the builders headaches!!

The ceiling rose was a bit of a nightmare to put up, especially on a newly plastered ceiling.  The wall lights also arrived from Dublin last week.  They are a pair of original Victorian gas lamps that have been converted to electricity and are absolutely stunning.  They depict mythical winged men with fish tails holding up the lamps.  They thankfully arrived intact, and we love them.

We are really pleased with how the whole room is coming together.  We have also decided on shutters rather than curtains as we think it would be such a shame to cover up the original sash windows that have been revamped, so we have to wait a bit longer to be completely finished.  I also had to part with my much loved antique Toile de Jouy bed cover to fund the finishing touches, it still tugs at the heart strings a bit!!  But I know the quilt has gone to a good home, and the lady who bought it absolutely loves it.

To finish, I thought you would like to see my new pair of legs!! (I wish)

Have a great weekend everyone. xx


  1. Aagh...how could you part with your fabulous toile bedcover?? Pleased it has gone to a good home though...
    Your room is really coming together....the lighting you have chosen is quite dramatic... the sanctuary lamp must be beautiful when the candle is lit.
    Lovely legs.....
    Julie x

  2. I love the wall lights - gorgeous! SueXXX

  3. Your room is looking amazing, I think the flag topped table is a brilliant idea.
    Ann x

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