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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sorry It's Been So Long!

My apologies everyone for not posting sooner but life has sort of got in the way once more, and between further bouts of 'black dog' I have been raced off my feet.  I attended Amy and Annie's lovely Vintage Fair in Hatton last Sunday, and it was a real success, raising £800 for Muscular Dystrophy.  If you go to Blighty Boutique or Annie The Felt Fairy blog spots then you can see photographs of the day.  Yesterday I was in Olney attending a Vintage Fair organised by Ann and Trevor who run the Northampton Vintage fairs.  It was a really lovely day and great to catch up with old friends as well as meeting new ones and making a few sneaky purchases! Once again I failed to capture the day on camera but I am sure Ann will do a post about the day.  Now onto new purchases...some are staying but some will either go on the website (that I neglect badly) or will go to the fairs with me.

The gorgeous wooden hat box came from the lovely Wendy of Ticking Stripes.  I had had my eye on it for a while and she finally succumbed and very kindly sold it to me.  It has some original labels on and is a real beauty.  The lovely French wire work basket came from Amanda from Charente Vintage.  Amanda lives in France and had come over to attend the Olney fair, and very fortuitously my stand was next to hers!!  Yes, that was fatal as she had some lovely French treasures, several of which accompanied me back home.

The beautiful little lead crystal pots came from our local car boot of all places.  I have grand designs on filling them with sparkly bits and pieces!  The rather grotesque theatrical mask is one of three that I picked up from a local auction and came from the Stratford Shakespeare Company.

Here are the other two.  I think they date from the late nineteenth, early twentieth century.

Another French treasure, the most beautiful fine linen monogram sheet and it is huge!

We also found this beautiful late Victorian photograph album, presented to Elizabeth Hinds for her 21st birthday in 1901.  Isn't it sad that there was obviously no one in the family to pass it onto?  All that lovely family history ending up at a car boot sale.  Some of the pictures are missing, but someone has also written down who the people are in the photographs.

Some beautiful flowers I have displayed in a vintage watering can.....wish I could grow roses like this. I will leave you with some pictures of our village scarecrow competition.  Our neighbours have successfully defended their title from last year with the Apollo moon landings!

Apollo rocket complete with astronauts.

Houston we have a problem!!  They borrowed our dry ice machine for the rocket smoke and were playing 'Theme for the common man' at full pelt ready for the judging.

Nick and Carols Overseal Base camp.

Catch of the day over at the bungalow.

Justin and Marie did Dr Who, the Tardis and a Dalek!  It's amazing what compost bins can be used for.

The Apollo rocket complete with crash test teddy strapped to the side!  As you can see everyone had great fun and there were many more scarecrows dotted around the village.  The gauntlet has been thrown down for next year...watch this space!  Have a great week.
Jo xx
PS Will sort out the give away this week!


  1. Hi Jo, it was good to see you yesterday, what a lovely day with lovely people and lovely vintage.. the scarecrow photos are brilliant, how are they going to top that next year?
    Carol x

  2. Those scarecrow festivals are great fun .... a village near us holds one and the kids love driving round spotting them. T'was a nice day at Olney yesterday too .... Wend's hat box is super.

  3. Thanks Jo - had a look at Charente vintage and bought a croque monsieur toastie maker, just the job for the winter, which will be here soon!
    T x

  4. Beautiful finds and I particularly love the extra large french sheet. That is a beauty.

    Great cheerful post

  5. Hi Jo,lovley post lots of nice things you have found love the victorian photo album its a real treasure.Lots of love Jill xx

  6. ;-)) Those scarecrow photo's are fab ;-)) Looks like it was great fun. Sorry to hear you are struggling sending you a hug. Have a lovely week, dee x

  7. You are one hard working lass Jo. Lovin' the purchases.
    Scarecrows look such fun. Looking forward to seeing you at the jumble.

  8. What a great collection of scarecrows!. I do like the look of all the treasures from the Vintage Fair and love the monogrammed sheet! Jane x

  9. Hi Jo,
    What a great community spirit you have in your village....scarecrow competitions seem to encourage creativity ...the wackier the better in Overseal obviously.
    Have a good week.
    Julie x
    PS Love the huge sheet with its fab monogram and the wire basket...great finds.

  10. Ggrrrrr.. to that Black Dog!

    Pleased you've had a few good times lately though my lovely :o)

    I don't like your masks at all! LOL They kinda are a bit freaky...sell 'em Jo LOl ;o)

    And that victorian photograph album is beautiful. I know what you mean about the lack of family though. it is a shame.

    Have a great week Jo. Take care.
    love n hugs Donna x

  11. Sorry to hear that pesky 'black dog' has been visiting again. Love the sheet and that photo album, yes I agree, such a shame. Have a good week.
    Ruth x

  12. Hi Jo - Great to see you as always, that hat box is a real find, good old Wendy.
    Looks like your neighbours really pushed the boat out with their spaceship, must have made your place look quite normal for once....
    Keep that old black dog at bay old girl - you always manage to make me laugh anyway.

  13. The space ship rocks! This is one place I would love to have seen in person.

    Sequoia Tuni and Emma


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