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Monday, 20 June 2011

A Gorgeous Vintage Summer Boutique

I was very privileged to be asked by Ali from Betty & Violet if I would like to attend her small Vintage Summer Boutique to be held at her stunning home.  I of course accepted and last Friday morning duly set off in the van loaded to the gunnel's!  Unfortunately the weather was against us so poor Ali had to hurriedly rearrange her home a couple of days before in readiness.  I do apologise but I forgot my camera but I am sure Ali will post some pictures of the two days.
I was in the dining room with Lucy Bloom and Angela who sells gorgeous linens.  Ali's hubby and father kept us all fortified with tea and coffee, and the most delicious salad rolls for lunch with a glass of bubbly!

Some of the gorgeous pieces of linen and fabrics I bought from Ali.  

 You know me I can never resist vintage eidy fabric!  Ali and her Mum had stands in the sitting room, Ali with her usual mix of gorgeousness that I thoroughly enjoyed looking through and making a few purchases!  Angela, her Mum sells beautiful vintage jewellery.

A vintage beaded belt and some initials that I couldn't resist.

I adore this beaded trim dating from the 1920's and a gorgeous wooden reel of French silver thread that is so delicate and pretty.

Lovely cards of linen covered buttons from Lucy.

A gorgeous box file covered in Kate Forman (my favourite designer) from Chloe, a lovely lady who specialises in French textiles and antiques.  She had a stand in Ali's bedroom, and had a wonderful array of cushions and French linens for sale.

My last purchase of the day was an exquisite goose egg made by the lovely Philippa Bowes, a very talented designer who makes beautiful clothes from vintage fabrics and also transforms vintage clothing with quilt pieces and vintage fabrics...they are truly stunning.  Years ago she made stunning evening bags and goose eggs covered in antique fabrics and trims.  My egg is covered in the most exquisite red silk velvet dating from the 19th century, the gold trim is also antique as are the crystal drops.  I absolutely adore it and it now takes pride of place hanging with our antique sanctuary lamp.

The weekend was absolutely perfect in every way regardless of the weather and was full of laughter, fabulous customers, equally fabulous food and was a real tonic after my latest bout of 'black dog'.  Friday evening was wonderful, after our meal we (Angela and I stayed over) walked round all the stands with Ali and her Mum having a nosey at everything.  It was like being locked in the most fabulous vintage/antique
 shop and being able to browse at your leisure.  I can't thank Ali and her lovely family enough for such a wonderful weekend, and I have returned to Derbyshire feeling rested and inspired by all the clever and talented people I met.  The last photograph is of some wonderful vintage Edwardian chain mail bags I discovered whilst foraging recently.
I hope you all have a great week and it is lovely to feel back to my old self once more.
Jo xx
PS I haven't forgotten the giveaway.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day despite the weather and I adore all the lovely little treats you brought home with you!

  2. Glad you had a lovely weekend and feeling tip top again! Loved seeing your purchases. Great idea to cover boring box files with something pretty.

  3. It sounds like you had a great time Jo, and just what you needed too, lots of fun with good company... so pleased you feel back to your old self (or rather young self!). Abby xx

  4. What a lovely time you had Jo.. wish I could have been there, it looked fab! xx

  5. Oh it sounds fantastic Jo!

    But best of all, you sound back to yourself again:o)

    Have a lovely week. xx

  6. over the moon to hear you lovely bubbly self once again, obviously you just needed a re-charge!
    ps lots of love

  7. Great to hear you had such a lovely time and are feeling more like your old self ;-)) The egg is gorgeous and so are those metal bags wow. Enjoy your week, dee x

  8. Sounds like a great, fun event. Some lovely treasures you found - love the egg! Glad you're feeling cheerier! Abby x

  9. Lovely,lovely everything Jo...so pleased you had a good weekend too.
    Julie x

  10. That weekend sounded so perfect and I love all your wonderful finds. My heart skipped a beat at the goose-egg piece. It would look so beautiful on my antique Spanish lamp. Oh, I am itching to go antiquing.
    Beautiful post

  11. Thank you for your prompt blog comment, I was still tweaking what i had written when your comment came in!! Lizzie x

  12. You always find the most amazing things Jo, glad you're feeling brighter Linda xx

  13. I can so see you being a steam punk...Did you used to be a punk Jo? My hubby did, and he finds it hugely amusing that Gemma loves everything to do with it and more :o)

    We LOVE your new pug photos they are SO gorgeous :o)
    When I first showed them to my youngest daughter, we got to the 'abandoned' one, and she let out a huge gasp! Oh bless her, i had to say it was just a joke! All they needed in that photo was the upturned cap with a few coins in ;o)
    Have a great week Jo. Hope you've got some son up there!

  14. Your pugs are beautiful! I have four ... how do you do it with five? Pug Hugs, Ellen

  15. It was really lovely and for me it was such a pretty treasures. I like your linen and fabrics they look cool and fabulous. Thank you for sharing this nice stuff.

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