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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Eidy Heaven & Broken dishwashers!

Life is a little fraught at the moment with a broken tumble dryer (new one on it's way) and horror of all horrors a broken dishwasher, so it was nice to get an unexpected phone call yesterday.  A lovely lady who I buy from called me out of the blue to say she had acquired six (yes six!!) eiderdowns and would I be interested.  Well I didn't need asking twice and after a frantic phone conversation with hubby (he's the one with the wallet!!) I was in the Beast and winging my way through the rush hour traffic....I will do anything for eidy's, yes even brave Burton Upon Trent at rush hour!  Thankfully she doesn't live that far from me.

This lovely single needs a bit of TLC but has a beautiful pattern of roses covering it.  

Very tempted by this beauty.  A lovely faded paisley double...mmmmm may be staying!

An absolutely gorgeous single covered in roses and trellis.

This has to be my favourite, a gorgeous large single dating from the 1930's and covered in cameos of roses and still so lovely and plump.....very, very tempted to covet this one but I must be good.  I also purchased a blue paisley one from her straight out of her washing machine!!  It is drying on my line as we speak.  I am now banned from washing eidy's after the last fiasco!!

I also have a selection of Welsh blankets and cutter quilts for sale that I will be taking with me this weekend to the V&H Textile and Fashion fair.  Once again the poor conservatory is doubling as a stock room as I sort through everything.  Enjoy the rest of the week, and hopefully see you on Saturday albeit with sore and chapped hands from all the washing up I will have been doing!!
Jo xx


  1. Wow to buy 6 eiderdowns in one go is brilliant...I get excited these days if I get one!
    I have a spare bedroom just like your conservatory....I call it the "work in progress" room.
    Hope you get your dishwasher fixed soon, plenty of hand cream in the meantime.
    Have a good week,
    Julie x

  2. Oh my!! I think I would be a very happy Bunny if I were you!!
    Hope Dishwasher is sorted soon, xx

  3. Wow - what a result! They're lovely. I'm sure they'll go down well at the Fair. Abby x

  4. Oh Jo, they are heavenly! I cannot resist an nice eiderdown, they make me think of my nan! Good luck at the fair - hope you sell a ton of stuff!

  5. Oh wow, you lucky thing ! I love the 1930s one, gorgeous.
    Ann x

  6. Gorgeous eiderdowns, I am sure they will walk out the door, Tam x

  7. Oh, those are looovely! I hope your appliances all start behaving soon x

  8. They are all really pretty Jo.
    My washing machine has never recovered from an eidy bursting inside it... so many feathers, everywhere!
    Have a great day on Saturday. Abby xx

  9. I would die without my dishwasher, hubby hates getting dishpan hands...

  10. Bet those beautiful eiderdowns will sell quickly,good luck with the fair Linda xx

  11. I have a small collection of vintage eiderdowns...love em!

  12. Wow, I can see how you must have been excited about that phone call! Beautiful eiderdowns, and I am sure they will sell like hot cakes.

    Funny that, how machines seem to like being loyal to each other... when one goes, another one is ready to follow. Hope it all works out for you soon!

    Good luck on Saturday!

  13. I've been trying to leave a comment all week..blooming blogger!
    I hope this one works!

    Love these eidys soooo much! Hope you have a lovely time tomorrow Jo x

  14. Oh my Goodness, It WORKED!!!

    Blogger didn't keep re-sending me back to sign in! Yours has been the worst blog for me toleave a comment on so far Jo, But it works now LOL.

    have a fabby weekend.
    Donna xx

  15. Hello Jo,
    I have just found your blog and reading this piece caught my attention. I LOVE eiderdowns but have recently had a horrible incident with one.... So glad to find you and hope to follow you but no list of followers on people's blogs are coming up at the moment, I hope to sort that out soon.
    Best wishes Jane

  16. This looks so good! I'm going to try it.
    I actually enjoyed reading through this posting. Many thanks.
    Commercial Dishwasher


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