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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Antique French Screen Makeover

I have had this lovely French three panelled screen tucked away for ages and have been meaning to cover it.  I decided to dig it out yesterday and also some lovely Vintage French faded Toile I also had put aside and my wonderful hubby duly spent a couple of hours securing the fabric to the screen.  He loves doing fiddly things like that, but I get too cross!!!

I purchased this some time ago from my lovely friend Liz Morris who specialises in French furniture and textiles.  The fabric also came from her.  The poor old screen has been sitting in my work room for yonks when I suddenly remembered it.

Here it is, in all it's glory.  Hubby has certainly worked his magic on it even lining up the panels properly to make the most of the Vignettes on the Toile.  I love it and am going to find it hard to part with now!!

A close-up of the beautiful old spindles at the bottom of the Screen.  It is painted in a Farrow & Ball grey.

A close-up of the beautiful old Toile I have used.  It is a lovely faded Aubergine colour and absolutely beautiful.  It will be coming with me for the V&H if I can bear to let it go!  Hope you are all having a fab weekend.
Jo xx


  1. Oh love the screen especially the fabric beautiful

  2. Isn`t that just divine and the fabric is a perfect choice. Do you think you will be able to part with it? Might be a tough one!!

  3. WOW - are you really going to be able to part with that? It's gorgeous - well done, the pair of you - an excellent renovation. Have a good week. Abby x

  4. I really adore your wonderful screen Jo...
    how I would struggle to part with it if it were mine! Abby xx

  5. just pretend you don't have anywhere to put it :)
    it is lovely though
    Cate x

  6. Wow! That is fab! Well done to you and PD! x

  7. that is stunning.. I can see why you are having problems making that decision! Lizzie x

  8. Love that screen!
    Are you sure you haven't got a corner for it somewhere at home? I think I would be finding one after all that hard work.
    Enjoy your week and have a great Fair on Saturday.
    Julie x
    The little blue shoes are now under a glass dome as you suggested!


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