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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

The Vintage Bazaar & New Mannis

We had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend, hope you all did too.  After the fab Royal Wedding we had the Vintage Bazaar in Frome to go to on Saturday.  After an early start we arrived and it didn't take as long as I thought it would have.  Lizzie and Clare had done a fabulous job of setting all the tables up ready for everyone.  It really is a great venue with easy access and parking and a fabulous restaurant at one end of the huge hall serving fabulous food all day.  My apologies for not having any pictures to show you but it always takes me so long to set up I never get the time to go round and snap some pics.  It was lovely to meet up with numerous fellow bloggers again and to meet some new stall holders.  The visit to the Vintage Bazaar also coincided rather nicely with picking up two new mannis from a shop in Frome called La Belle Etoffe who deal in beautiful French antiques and furniture.

This is Catherine, our new 1940's Triumph advertising mannequin sporting a rather fetching 1950's bullet bra!!

This is Liane, a French lingerie advertising miniature mannequin, she looks to me like she dates from the 1940's also.  I am sure we are going to be paid a visit soon by the Village decency committee with all this underwear on public show...Ooooer Missus!!!

It gives the neighbourhood something to titter about :))

I have also developed a 'thing' about buttons in vintage bottles after purchasing the small one in the front of the picture from Ali at Betty & Violet who I was next to in Frome.  It was lovely to catch up with her and her lovely Mum again as I hadn't seen them both for quite a while.  Ali very kindly gave me a copy of the gorgeous Jeanne D'Arc magazine which I sat and devoured cover to cover....she sells them on her website Betty & Violet and it really is one of the most beautiful magazines I have ever seen and very inspiring. I am also really looking forward to attending The Vintage Boutique Ali is holding at her gorgeous home in June over two days, it promises to full of gorgeousness and held in a lovely English setting.  She has also bravely taken on the organisation of the Cotswolds Vintage Fair in August which again promises to be a lovely event.

I have also taken to placing things under domes when I bought one a couple of days ago.  I have owned this French cherub bust for ages and I am rather pleased with how he looks under the glass with a vintage velvet millinery flower placed in front of him......now I have the quandrey, do I sell or do I keep??

Another recent purchase, a Victorian Library bust, I think it is probably Socrates, can anyone enlighten me?

Another lovely batch of vintage textiles to go through, some I will keep and some I think I will sell on for others to make cushions etc...
Hope you all have a great week and now I've got Vintage at The Village Hall to look forward to on Monday, I'd better get sorting and pricing once more.
Jo xx


  1. Hello Jo
    Great to see you at the fair last weekend and I did enjoy our little natter.. or did I rant??
    Would happily re-house everything you have just shared with us.. particularly the glass domes. I have one that my mother left me which I dust very very carefully !!
    Enjoy these gorgeous sun soaked days and look forward to seeing you at the textile fair in a few weeks.
    Michele xx

  2. I think your cherub looks a little bit sad, he doesn't want to be sold, far too lovely! Does that help...not at all I should imagine! lovely things xx

  3. Oh, everything is so lovely in your home... I want it all! Glad you had a good weekend and hope Monday goes well. Say hello to everyone for me, I wish I could come and meet you all... one day? Abby x

  4. so lovely to meet you on Saturday!
    Looking forward to Monday- not long now :))

  5. Like the mannequins. How useful they are for displaying a variety of clothing!

  6. Ha, ha - I can imagine the talk at your village committee meetings - 'well, they look like naked girls, vicar'....! Good luck for Monday - you've got some lovely things to take. Liking the dome idea. Abby x

  7. I also love buttons (vintage preferably) in vintage bottles...

    I do like your new mannies.
    And those vintage textiles look divine :o)

    Have a great weekend.
    See you Monday Jo.

  8. I love the mannequins! I hope all goes well on Monday!

    Lou xxx

  9. Sounds like you have such great fun at the fairs i wish i lived nearer. I have to say i love Liane she is gorgeous such a stunning shape and just so pretty. I always think just imagine if your house was like the film "night at the museum" when everything comes to life. Just think what fun all those mannequin's would have they would party all night ;-)) dee x

  10. Sounds like you had a busy time of the Bank Holiday. Those vintage mannequins are wonderful, I bet they cause a raised eyebrow or two!

  11. Love your mannequins Jo, but I do think you should find Catherine some knickers....with her bottom on show to the neighbours they might start ringing the vice squad!
    Hope you have another good Fair on Monday with all your lovely things.....but don't take the cherub...she has to stay...
    Julie x

  12. Have the same problem here.. naked manni's at the window causing much comment! see you Monday! xx

  13. Oh Jo! You do find the lovliest things....I hope to find a gorgeous manni one day - I remember when I was young there was a very tradtional department store where we bought our school uniforms. Their lingerie department had lovely wooden cabinets & table top manniquins from Gossard etc & I yearned to have one even then & I was probably only 10 or so at the time.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the V&H.


  14. Gorgeous buys Jo. Love your mannequins x p.s. Love to the pugs x

  15. Hey Jo, hope you are well and gorgeous as always! I am thinking about having my body amputated from the neck down and then having one of your manni's surgically attached... sure beats Weight Watchers and lack of chocolate!

    See you soon my love! Say hi to PD & the pugs! x

  16. More wonderful mannequins - how many do you own now? I love the cherub under the dome, definitely keep him. I have been trying to find a dome for ages but all the ones I have seen are really expensive.
    Ruth x

  17. Hi Jo,

    We met at the Handmade and Vintage fair in Chipping Sodbury last month and you were interested in some of our printing letter blocks - I photographed them for you and tried emailing them but it doesn't seem to be working. I noticed you had a blog so thought i'd get in touch this way.
    If you're still interested please get in touch at theshedhomeware@hotmail.co.uk and i'll send you the pictures over.

    Katy xx PS Love your pugs!

  18. I can compare my figure to Laine's - well in my dreams, she is absolutely stunning a deserves to be seen by the world so keep her in the window.
    Have a good fair on Monday and see you soon

  19. Hello Jo,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog about Aubusson cartoons. I can't see any way to reply to you other than posting here. I am fairly new to blogging and would have thought that if I replied on my blog it would be sent to you but I don't think it is. Can you offer any advice?


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