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Monday, 23 May 2011

Vintage Weekend & Naughty Pugs

We have had a lovely weekend.  We attended the Northampton Vintage Fair on Saturday and although it was a little quiet it was lovely to catch up with everyone.  The range of stalls were fabulous and Ann and her hubby Trevor had everything organised down to the last detail.  The tea room was well manned and the lemon drizzle cake to die for!! Annie, Amy and myself can vouch for that!!  I had plenty of time to have a good mooch around and bought some lovelies, some of which will be destined for the V&H Textile & Fashion fair on the 4th of June, so make sure you've got the date in your diary as it promises to be spectacular.

I just had to have these wonderful Cartier-Bresson French haberdashery drawers from the lovely Debbie.....she had just started to pack them away when I spotted them and she subsequently had to empty all of the drawers!!  

I also purchased this lovely vintage silk corsage from Debbie and some beautiful original fabric shoe stretchers from another stand (apologies as I cannot remember the lady's name).

I also bought an absolutely stunning bridal tiara dating I would guess from the 1930's and in lovely original condition as it has been kept in it's original box.  The lovely pink Art Deco box and the crinoline lady book cover also date to around the 30's and came from Debbie.  

I have also recently purchased this rather gorgeous original 1920's ladies cotton swim suit.  It is in really fab condition only missing it's belt.  I will admit this is going to be a hard one to part with as I adore anything dating from the 20's and 30's.

The lovely vintage Union Jack came from Ann's hubby Trevor.  I also purchased some vintage linen from Heather to back cushions with as I always run out of backing fabric, it has a lovely red stripe down either side so I will have to incorporate this in somehow.  It was a great weekend, yesterday was spent catching up with a few jobs around the house (never-ending!!)
Have a lovely week, and now I've got to get cushion making.
Jo xx

PS:  The Pugs are on my S**t list as I caught certain little doggies who shall remain nameless ragging some of my vintage tablecloths and linen in the conservatory.  They were on the chair and somehow found their way onto the floor!!! Thankfully no damage has been done.


  1. Naughty pugs. How dare they! I have a similar problem with my daughter, caught her wearing one my vintage mohair scarfs yesterday (her friend was wearing another) while making mud tea and mud cakes. Eeeek!

    Love all your buys as always especially the habadashery drawers.

  2. It was wonderful to see you darling xx

  3. Glad you like the drawers, they have served me well over the last few years and now it is over to you. It was nice seeing you again and catching up with a good old chin wag. Nice finds glad most of them came from my stall....LOL

  4. Naughty little pugs! They are like Toby - so innocent looking, yet up to no good as soon as you turn your back!

    Looks like you had some good buys this weekened - looking forward to seeing them next week at the V&H Fair!


  5. Oh, dear, naughty pugs - good job you caught them in time! Some great buys - love the drawers. Abby x

  6. Jo, your purse must be empty with all your new purchases at the Fair...lovely things and a great set of drawers, ideal for display.....I would have bought them too.
    As for those naughty, naughty pugs ...
    I am sure you sorted them out!
    Julie x

  7. Looks like you had a good spend. Shall we see you doing a twirl in the swimsuit :)
    just wish these fairs were nearer to me
    Cate x

  8. What naughty pugs, bet they are in the dog house! :) The drawers are wonderful and the swimsuit was a great find too, that should be for keeps, as you say, so hard to come across in good condition.
    Have a good week. Abby xx

  9. ;-)) O dear bless those little pugs ;-)) It must be the wind my Timmy cat has had the devil in him for the past 2 days as well ;-)) Lovely photo's you always seem to have such fun at these fairs. Have a lovely week, dee x

  10. For some reason I read your title the wrong way round... and thought it was naughty weekend and vintage pugs! did chuckle. those draws are to die for, I would of bought them too. xx


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