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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Ready to Rock 'n' Roll once more

Thank you everyone for leaving your lovely comments on my last post and emailing me personally.  It really did give me a lift to know that you were all thinking about me.  I am surprised at just how many of us suffer with these depressive episodes, perhaps it is part of life?  I am feeling much improved although a little fragile still but it has helped getting ready for the Vintage Summer Boutique that Ali is holding at her gorgeous home this coming Friday and Saturday.  We are unsure as to what the weather is going to do but everyone has made contingency plans for either an outdoor or indoor stand.

Of course, mountains of lovely cushions.

A vintage bottle basket full of quilt pieces and fabrics.

A bit of an outdoor theme going on here, although it may be indoors!!

This is a hard one to part with, my lovely old 1920's wicker chair with beautiful French ticking cushions....mmmmm I might chicken out yet and leave it behind!

The adorable Elvis Pug who has been lending a paw with all the pricing and packing.  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I will be off to Ali's tomorrow come rain or shine, hope to see you there if you can make it.
Jo xx
PS.  Will have to think up a give away now I've reached 100 followers, watch this space!


  1. Hi Jo, so sorry to hear that you've been going through difficult times. Glad, though, that you are feeling chirpier and hope the fair goes well. I certainly won't blame you for keeping your lovely chair and cushion.

    May I say that you post on your grandad was beautifully moving. He sounded a wonderful man. xx

  2. Glad you're feeling a bit better, Jo - hope the weekend goes well. You've got some lovely things. I bet you won't be able to part with that chair - I know I wouldn't be able to! It's gorgeous. Look after yourself, Abby X

  3. Nice to see you are doing a fair over the next few days. I think keeping busy helps when you are feeling down (it seems to help me anyway) and I am sure some Pug love has helped lift your spirits too... dear Elvis, what a sweet face.
    I am certain you will have a great fair, all your stock is so gorgeous!
    Take care, Abby xx

  4. OMG! Can I marry Elvis please - I am sure he will be much less annoying than my current bed fellow! ;-D

    Glad to hear you are feeling a bit brighter - us birds are too good looking to be miseryarsed for long lol!

  5. So sorry i missed your last post and so sorry to hear you have been low. You are not alone we all feel that way at sometimes in our lives. My mum and best friend and also my partner live with depression. My mum has lived with it all her life and still has days where she needs to curl up in a ball and hide from the world for the day. Not everyone knows that. I love your cushions and fabrics. I hope you have a lovely weekend and the weather improves, hugs dee x

  6. Whey!!!!! She`s back!!

  7. My family have done battle with 'the black dog' (nothing like adorable Elvis...)so sending you all best wishes and hoping you have a happy successful fair. Jane x

  8. 'Deep intake of breath!'
    I thought for a minute you were taking Elvis to sell!

    I'm so pleased to see you getting out Jo. I hope you have the most splendiferous fair. And it helps to revive your spirits immensely!

    have a great time Jo.
    Here's a BIG HUG to go with you :o)
    Donna xxxOOO

  9. Hey Honey, do we need to meet up so that you can follow us to Olney?

    Sorry to be late in getting in touch but my other half had what they thought was a DVT in his leg so in and out of hospital in the last couple of days!

    Email me if you need to TheFeltFairy@aol.com


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