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Friday, 11 May 2012

Edible Drawers & Edwardian Unmentionables

Feeling refreshed from our holiday I have enjoyed moving everything round here at home and getting things ready for the next fair.  One item that will be coming with me is a rather lovely set of edible drawers (not the chocolate kind from naughty shops...ahem) but of the French variety!

A few weeks back hubby and I went to pick up a velvet marriage display cushion I had bought from a couple who deal in lovely French finds.  We met at their business premises which was full of the most gorgeous French antiques, I could have spent hours rummaging.  These five floral drawers were laid on a sideboard in the warehouse so I asked how much and a deal was done with promises made by hubby that he would make the wooden stand for them.

Very clever hubby spent all day in the garage on Tuesday beavering away and TA DA!  here are the floral drawers in their new home and painted of course in Annie Sloan's Old White.  Now I have the age old dilemma, do I keep or do I sell?  I may covet them for a while and then pass them on.

More Edwardian underwear, a corset dating from about 1912, unfortunately it is sooo tiny I have had to stuff it with a feather cushion to display it as I have no mannequin small enough!

Not in bad condition for a hundred years old.

Another early Edwardian corset, and again, absolutely tiny!

So there you have it, drawers and corsets!!

Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing.
Jo xx


  1. What a clever hubby you have - a perfect match for you with your great imagination and foresight to know that you could do something with those lovely abandoned drawers! I love that corset too. M x

  2. Hi Jo, the drawers look lovely in situ.....
    I think I may be standing next to you at V&H this time. See you there.
    T x

  3. What a great set of drawers! I love your last photo...in fact it is now my current screensaver.
    Have a lovely weekend Jo.
    Julie x
    PS Which naughty shop would that be??

  4. How beautiful - well done A!

    Looking forward to seeing you soon.


  5. BEAUTIFUL!! I'm sure you can find a little corner for the drawers, far too pretty to let go ... love the corsets too. Have a lovely week, Claire xxx

  6. Wow i can't get over how tiny the women were back then those corsets are gorgeous but so tiny. Love the draws well done hubby ;-) Have a lovely week, dee x

  7. Hi Jo,
    Your hubby has done a fabulous job with the drawer unit...What a star! I saw something similar at my local flea market with a pretty mirror on the top...At £130 the price was OK, but it was already sold...:( - I'm sure you'll very quickly have a buyer for yours if you decide to sell...
    See you at the V&H,
    Niki x


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