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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Holiday Time

Sorry for the long time in between posts but we have been enjoying a much needed break.  I am not normally the holiday type as I'm usually a stay at home type but this week was very welcome.  I will tell all in a minute.  Firstly, my Mum came up to look after the cottage and the Pugs a few days before we went away so we decided to make a last minute booking for Viv's fab workshop and do a spot of brooch making!  It was held at the lovely Weston Park and along with other crafty like minded ladies enjoyed a wonderful day sewing and nattering as well as drinking loads of tea and coffee and scoffing Viv's wonderful home made cakes.

One of the days offerings that turned into a small hanging rather than a brooch.  It was difficult to photograph but hubby cleverly managed to scan the pictures from my corset box and print them onto fabric for me to use.  They were a bit fiddly to do but looked lovely after I had tea dyed them.

This was the brooch I made, I used an assortment of antique French fabric and lace.  Viv taught us how to type onto vintage linen on her old typewriter so one of these is now on my wishlist!  It was a fabulous day and Mum enjoyed making a couple of brooches and several while we were away on holiday!

Monday and we were off to Center Parcs (Sherwood Forest) to enjoy a week of R & R.  This was our villa,a luxurious 4 bedroomed affair with sauna and games room right in the forest.  Our son brought his friend along so they could go off and do their own thing and not be embarrassed by old fogies tagging along!

Three men and a games room!

Lots of zombie killing to be done at Center Parcs.

The kitchen and lounge.

Tons of wildlife.

This rather splendid chap woke us up every morning with his screeching.

Another little cheeky chappie looking for more nuts!

Beautiful walks through the countryside, I think we walked for miles.

I can recommend Center Parcs, it's great for getting away from it all.  Even though there were lots of other people we didn't feel it was at all crowded.  I enjoyed several treatments at the Spa and there was loads to do for the boys.  It was lovely just be out in the fresh air even though the weather wasn't brilliant and we returned home feeling refreshed and ready to face life once again!  Now I am focused on getting ready for the Avington Brocante in a couple of weeks time.


  1. glad you had a nice break- like you I'm a real homebody but last week we had a night at a fab little boutique hotel in Eastbourne right on the seafront and came home feeling like we'd been away for ages!
    Easily pleased I guess!

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  3. Glad you had a good holiday - looks really peaceful! Love the brooches.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  4. Keep meaning to try Center Parcs - everyone says it is so good. Glad you had a good break. M x

  5. It looks and sounds wonderful. Love your photo's those squirrels look so cute and cheeky ;-) Sounds like a lovely workshop your brooch is beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your week, dee xx

  6. Love the brooch. I have just given away my old typewriter that I had for my 21st... now I wish I hadn't, never thought of using it for that. We once stayed in a Center Parcs in Holland and really enjoyed it. Have you been to the Avington Brocante before? I went (to look, not sell) a couple of years ago and hope to go on the 24th so if I do, will come and say hello.
    Ruth x

  7. What a lovely treat Jo :o)

    I just popped in to see if you'd posted yet otherwise I was going to send out a search party in the form of an email :o)

    I hope you feel relaxed now lovely lady. Love your brooches.
    Have a great week Jo,

    Love n hugs,
    Donna xx


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