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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

It's That Time of Year Again!

Last Saturday saw our annual village scarecrow competition, parade and Gala.  My poor neighbours got soaked to the skin on the Friday setting up their scarecrows and accessories.

Their theme this year was 'Dig For Victory'.

Bob the Clod!

Carlsberg don't do allotments, but if they did....

Elmer Spud.

The produce tent.  They won first for the third year running.

Dr.  Foster

The Jubilee & 2012

Straw Wars!

A Pearly Queen.  Our parade was just as fabulous, I will leave you with some pics.

The marching band.

Gala King and Queen

This man is a well known character in the local area and actually lives in this beautiful gypsy caravan.

Louis & Mary, our neighbour.

and we have a winning boy, Fonz came second in the pedigree class and third in the best six legs in Overseal Gala Dog show!
The Gala is always a fantastic day and we were lucky with the weather.  The money raised goes towards good causes around the village and also pays for the free fireworks evening for the village and surrounding villages every November.  
Have a great week, and I hope you enjoyed the pics.
Jo xx


  1. 'Dr Foster in a puddle right up to his middle' is most appropriate with all this rain we have had!
    What a great parade Jo....and how nice that everyone got involved for good causes.
    Julie x

  2. Lovely funny photos & I'm so glad the sun shone for you!

  3. Oh what fun Jo! Well done to Fonzie too.

  4. Well done to the Fonz bless him ;-)) It looks like a really fun day out and such a great community spirit. dee x

  5. Hello Jo,
    I love events like this, they seem to sum up what is brilliant about England! Have a happy weekend. Jane xx

  6. Love Dr Foster, and the flower power is fab! I envy you the community spirit. We have a street party coming up in September and hopefully it will have a little of the flavour of your magnificent gala.


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