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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Weekend Away

After feeling pretty down after losing Pinkie so suddenly it was lovely to get away for the weekend.  A week last Saturday was the Giant Vintage Rag in Frome and I collected all my bits and pieces together and set off very early for a good rummage!  I had arranged with Mum to meet her there, she would get the train from Devon and we would drive back to Brixham after the fair and I would stay a couple of days.
Lizzie and Clare had done a wonderful job as usual in arranging everything, and the Cheese & Grain was heaving with bargains galore!

One of my favourite buys of the day, a Victorian satin boned jacket...just wish I was a bit less portly and it fitted me GRRRR............look stunning with jeans.

Absolutely stunning 20's/30's Kimono with original Obi.  The embroidery is gorgeous and done by hand.  The silk has shattered in a couple of places but still beautiful.

I cannot take the credit for this stunning Edwardian wedding dress.  My Mum had been staying with my brother and his family the week before and found this for me on a trip to Ely Antiques Centre (can recommend this one).  After several frantic phone calls because we were out she eventually managed to get hold of me and asked me 'would it be worth buying'?  Of course the answer was yes, and here it is.  The skirt and bodice are in fabulous condition as it has obviously been stored away carefully.

The bodice is so tiny it doesn't even fit my waspie, and she has an original Edwardian corset on underneath.  The lace and the detailing on the skirt are beautiful but I know I will have to store it away at some time (or maybe even sell it) so it doesn't get damaged.

After a lovely weekend with Mum and also helping her with her charity stand on the Sunday at the Galmpton Gooseberry Pie fair I headed off back to Derbyshire on the Monday.  I had to go via Ashburton of course and in a glorious little antique shop called 'The Shambles' found these two beautiful cotton lawn Edwardian white work dresses.  They are in lovely condition and I couldn't resist.  Wouldn't they look stunning worn with a silk slip underneath....GRRR again, not my size!

Found this also recently.  I have been after an ex Voto for yonks and they always seem to be for sale when I've got no cash or they go for way over what I've got to spend so I was lucky to find this little beauty for a reasonable price.

Hope you all have a great week.  I'm getting ready now for the Cotswolds Vintage Fair organised by Ali from Betty and Violet at the end of August.  Hopefully see you there!
Jo xx


  1. Hi Jo
    beautiful finds, like you I wish these things would fit me....
    I hope your Mum is well...
    T x

  2. great to catch-up at Frome, love all these things you've found- the white dresses would look great but I'd have to wear my thermal vest underneath!!

  3. Oh Jo...you do buy some exquisite pieces...just stunning.
    Lots of love xxx

  4. Hi Jo - sorry not to have caught up with you at Frome. It was a great day I agree, and I too came home with a few lovely buys. I'm there in Dec and will say hello then!
    (Why can't I reply direct to you when you comment on my blog - your email appears as 'no-reply comment' and I don't know what to do to change it?).

  5. I love those Edwardian white muslin dresses and have some super photos of my great aunts wearing similar ones in about 1912.

  6. Vintage retail therapy is good for the soul Jo...love your gorgeous finds and know all to well the inability to fit into them.
    Apart from generous French linen smocks of course....
    Julie x

  7. These are all so beautiful Jo!
    I especially love the Edwardian wedding dress and the kimono!
    Simply gorgeous!

    Pleased you had a good time, and sounds like your Mums keeping well too :o)

    Sending you love and a big hug my lovely.
    Donna xxOOxx

  8. Glad you had a gorgeous few days away after the Giant Rag... lovely finds as always! Lizzie x

  9. Just what you needed, a weekend away and to find those beautiful things. How great that your Mum has a good eye and finds things for you - my Mum used to too.
    Ruth xx

  10. EXCUSE ME MADAM ( yes I am standing up shouting!!) Don`t think I haven`t spotted those divine wings!!! I LOVE them


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