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Sunday, 18 July 2010

Finished (sort of) at last

HURRAH!!  The builders have finished.  One very busy day on Friday and they were done. What a relief, we have our cottage back at last.  There is still a long road ahead for us to be completely finished but the bare bones of the rooms are finally done.  We are so thrilled with the results, and I have been enjoying moving everything back in and re-arranging all my bits and bobs.

The old range has come through relatively unscathed, we do need to give it a clean up.  On the hearth is one of a pair of French lanterns that still needs to go up.  The lovely mirror is from Lucy at Corset laced mannequins, a fellow blogger who sells some gorgeous vintage goodies as well as mannequins, both vintage and new.  Here are some more pictures of our new downstairs, even though it is not quite finished.

The view through from the dining room through to the lounge.

The top end of the lounge with my treasured antique pine mirror, and plenty of shabby chic cushions.

Our old pitch pine Victorian linen press that now houses the television and satellite box (which I hate on show)  On the top is a miniature Victorian green house which is another treasured possession.

I have waited ages to be able to use my vintage needlepoint rug, it must have taken someone hours of pain staking work to complete and I love the roses on it.  The design is so intricate and must have needed a great deal of patience.

The bottom end of the lounge that we have made into a sort of study area with the bookcase, and eventually the computer (well I suppose we all have to give in to the 21st century)  Under the dome is my Victorian automaton, a rabbit in a cabbage that dates to around 1890, and was my 40th birthday pressie from hubby!  I have longed for one of these for many years and never thought I would get one, it took Andy ages to track one down for me, and I cried when he gave it to me.

The newly rebuilt fireplace complete with woodburner.

The dining room complete with vintage mannequin, of course.

The dining room, which still needs wall lights, we have some converted Victorian gas lamps on their way from Ireland - rather expensive, and having to be paid off!!  The curtains are also on their way, plain linen and Sarah Hardaker vintage paisley, her fabrics are gorgeous and I fell for the eiderdown style paisley fabric.

Our table and chairs that was an Ebay bargain.

Wouldn't be complete without a Lily Pug asleep on the sofa.  The dogs have been very good considering all this has taken five weeks.  They loved the builders, and enjoyed all the attention.  It has been a long hard slog but we have come through it.  At times we did wonder if it would ever be finished.  We are also extremely skint so it will be bread and pullet for the next few months, and no Ebay!!!!!!!!!!!  How will I cope? I will leave you with some before pictures to show you how ghastly it looked.  

Hope you all had a great weekend, I am off now to collapse in a very ungainly heap!
Jo xx


  1. Hi Jo, it all looks great, love the sofa with all your cushions on it. I expect you're so pleased the building works are over, we still have loads to do so I can sympathise.
    Take care and enjoy a relaxing Sunday evening on the sofa.

  2. Jo, everything looks lovely. Love the cushions!

  3. Hello Jo, the photos are lovely. What a really impressive job! Love the finished product. Worth all the hard work. xx

  4. my what a time you must have I cant believe the amount of work you have had to do I bet you are so pleased and relived it is all over .
    I love what you have done its perfect

  5. Hiya
    I was only talking to someone last week about bread-and-pullit, saying we'd not heard the saying since our childhood, and now you've used it too!

    The renovations look DIVINE- fab to see mannequin, flag, luggage and woodburner- definitely my sort of furnishings.
    Did I spy a little girl shop manni by the front door?

    But no eBay? How will you cope?

    Have fun, xx

  6. Jo, It is lovely....you have some fabulous pieces, I love your mirrors, flags and the Victorian greenhouse.
    Well worth all the trauma, you must be so pleased....
    Julie x

  7. Wow Jo. Your home is fabulous! The mirror was obviously made for that spot and I love the linen cupboard. Unfortunately my telly is on show all the time and I hate it too...never mind.

    Funny, I was watching the Simpsons last night and Marg picked up a home interiors magazine titled "Better Homes...than yours". Made me laugh!

    Good luck avoiding Ebay...if you're like me you will need it!!!! Lucyxx

  8. Ooh lovely pics. Your home looks like something out of an interiors magazine. Enjoy and relax!

  9. It looks absolutely fantastic!


  10. Hi, my names LissyLou. just found your blog through vintage at the corner house. Your house is amazing!!

  11. Hi Jo
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. It was lovely to meet everyone, and they were all exactly as I imagined. Great fun.
    However I am now in deep depression having seen your beautiful cottage!! I live in an 1839 town house, beautiful rooms, lovely garden....but heaps of work to do, and seeing your progress has made me very guilty that ours seems to have hit a brick wall at the moment.....I should feel inspired but frankly I just feel envious.
    You home is fabulous completed or not
    Jenny x


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