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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Village Scarecrow competition

We had a brief respite from the building work at the weekend, it was our village annual Gala and Scarecrow competition.  It was like something from Midsummer murders!!  We all expected to get up on Saturday morning to find a local murdered and dressed as a scarecrow in someone's front garden, such was the level of competition and secrecy surrounding designs.  Our effort was rather pathetic compared to our neighbours (but our excuse is having the builders in).

Ours was Hangman's corner (a recycled effort from Halloween)

Our neighbours did a joint effort, a fantastic pirates galleon called the 'Black Bobby' after Bob, one of our neighbours.  His wife mistakenly painted 'The Black Booby' on the galleon and they had to change it!!  They had three pirate scarecrows, a palm tree, coconuts, a treasure chest and loads of wanted posters up.  They won first prize, and rightly so.

Cap'n Bob of 'The Black Booby, sorry, Bobby' striking a pose reminiscent of Adam and the Ants in the front garden.

Carol and Nicks workmen in their front garden

Marie and Justins' farmyard

The scarecrow kid to the rescue

Hooray, it's Summer at the big house!!


As you can see our road had a great time, and we all really enjoyed getting involved.  It really brings everyone together and creates such a lovely atmosphere.  There is talk of the Apollo moon landings next year!!! The gauntlet has been thrown down, watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!

Our cottage complete with vintage Union jack flag and vintage bunting ready for the Gala.  It was a lovely day and the weather was fabulous.

The Fonzie dog on my new (vintage) Edwardian leather sofa.


  1. Hi Jo,
    it looks like great fun and brilliant that people make such an effort. They all look great but I love Noddy.
    Ann x

  2. Love the workmen!!.....would they be working on gas pipes with ciggies in their hands by any chance...?
    Your cottage is really lovely and the union flag looks very much at home flying above your porch.
    Julie x
    P.S. what colour is your outside paintwork?

  3. Oh I do love a good scarecrow fest - I really do!

  4. Fantastic we have one of these festivals in a nearby village and I always enjoy seeing them great photos

  5. That does look like a lot of fun!


  6. wow- some of those scarecrows look like my family!

    Just been looking at your website- it's REALLY fab

  7. Oh, I just love that about this country - all the little village fetes, the wellie throwing competitions (exotic to a Swede ;-D), the scarecrow trails and all the other community spirit lifting events!

    Yes, when the dust settles, you soon forget what it was like never to feel clean, and enjoy your 'new' room so much more... :-)

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog and have a lovely summer (what's left of it... ;-)
    Helena, The Swenglish HOme


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