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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Pretty Displays

I have been having great fun since the downstairs has been finished creating little displays. Here are some pictures.  These are my two new 1930's child mannequins (who will be clothed at some time) with my little vintage early 20th century child's wheelbarrow, ready to hold some logs for the wood burner, but we don't want to think about cold weather just yet do we?


My vintage child mannequin with a vintage Union Jack flag (bought from the car boot this morning) around her shoulders held together by a gorgeous vintage pin brooch from the 1937 Coronation bought from my friend Julie at The Clothshed.  The idea for the flag on the mannequin was also copied from Julie!! (sorry Julie)   Coincidentally the day I received the pin brooch,  a flag from the 1937 Coronation I had recently purchased also turned up, it is destined to be made into a cushion. The lampshade is one of my hand made efforts.

Vintage flag balls in a cast iron urn (one of a pair)

A vintage 1920's fairy doll (meant to be for Christmas, but I can't bear to put her away) sitting against a vintage 1937 bottle of Moet Champagne.

A 1934 bottle of Veuve Clicquot Champagne (sadly not drinkable)

My two fairy dolls

My vintage 1930's Snow baby (again meant for Christmas, so you will no doubt see him again) sitting in my late Great Grandfathers chair.  I originally come from  High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire , famous for making furniture.  This chair is an original Wycombe chair, and a very treasured possession.

Some of my Winston Churchill memorabilia.  The photograph is an original press photo from the 1920's.  I absolutely adore him.  As you can see I am having fun moving all my bits and bobs around, and creating displays.  I am sure it will all change again.
Hope you all had a great weekend. xx


  1. Hi Jo, I love all your displays I can't believe that you keep finding vintage union jacks at car boots.I am in London next weekend but hopefully will get over to Stamford when it's next on.
    Ann x

  2. Jo, the mannequin looks lovely with the flag and pin brooch, glad you like it!
    Nice lampshade too....
    Julie x

  3. we're like big girls with big dolls houses aren't we- but then thats the upside of having these beautiful things...we get to play with them!
    I think we get more fun from "window dressing" £20's worth of other peoples cast-offs than anyone could EVER get from a DFS sofa!!
    Love love LOVE all your bits n bobs

  4. Love your displays Jo. Lucky you finding that child mannequin at the car boot and it looks great with the flag and brooch around it.
    Pretty lampshade.


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