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Thursday, 11 November 2010


Have had a really busy week and managed to discipline myself to do some sewing for my next fair.  The weather has been ghastly so I have locked myself indoors to make some bits and pieces for The Cotswold Vintage Fair I am attending on the 27th of November.

A selection of mini stocking decorations made from vintage French fabrics.  I still have to finish them off and they will have two candy canes in them, and can be hung on the tree.

Two larger Christmas stockings made from a vintage Durham cutter quilt and antique Toile de Jouy fabric.  They too are in need of finishing off.

Two of my shabby chic hanging Santa's that I designed and made.  I've still got some hand stitching to do on them to finish them, and they also are awaiting their beards in the shape of some rather gorgeous silky white mohair all the way from France!!  They are both made from vintage French fabrics, and I especially like the Vichy check one!!

They can be hung up as part of your seasonal display, and fit in perfectly with a folk art, shabby chic theme.

As it is Armistice day I thought I would share with you a photograph of my Great Grandad (in the front of the picture) in his Home Guard uniform.  To the left of the picture is my Great Uncle Reg who was a Petty Officer in the Royal Navy and went over on D-Day.  Apparently they took a cat over with them called Micky Finn and upon his return the cat was awarded a medal, and then the Wrens pinched him!! Sadly Uncle Reg died last year.  To the right is my Great Uncle Les who was in the Paratroopers during the war, and I remember him saying he never did know how he did all those parachute jumps...terrifying!!  Behind them is my Uncle Reg's friend 'Tosh' who came home on leave with him.  I love how they are standing in amongst their 'dig for victory' garden. Thankfully my two Great Uncles and my Grandad who was in the RAF survived the war and   I was very privileged to know them all.  My family were very lucky to have had so many serving men who did return.  The only casualty was my Great, Great Uncle who served with the Anzacs in the First War and died of his wounds in 1919.  It is a very poignant day when we all remember those who have died in the many past and indeed, present conflicts.....


  1. Well said Jo. So thoughtful. We need to remember people like this who did so much to allow us to have all we have today and all those who are doing to much now and giving their lives that we can all live in peace. We always remember a Great Uncle of mine who died in France in 1916 and my Other Half's much older step-brother who was in Bomber Command and was killed on Christmas Eve 1943. We will remember them all. Ann x

  2. A very thoughtful blog, and how lucky you were to have known them.
    T X

  3. Such lovely goodies!

    It's so nice that you have a photo like that to remember your relatives & lucky that most of them returned.


  4. Fantastic picture of your great grandad! You must be very proud to remember him!

    The stocking you have made are gorgeous and will look perfect hung on a fireplace waiting for santa to fill!

  5. Aww i love the hanging santa's there really fun, and the stockings wow you have been busy. Lovely picture of your grandad its good to remember. Dee x

  6. Thoughtful, pertinant comments.

    Love your Christmas decorations, etc - beautiful fabrics - people will flock to buy those!

  7. I love your stockings too and those Santas are really fabulous - all such gorgeous fabrics.
    I'm at Woodlands School (Allestree) tomorrow - I've never done this one before and sometimes these school fayres are a bit naff but I do enjoy a bit of Christmas naff-ness and as long as there's a decent cake stall I'll be happy!!

  8. Dear Jo,
    Your creations are beautiful, I love the colours and fabrics you've used. The memories of your family and their war service are so special and you're very fortunate to have such family stories and photos to share. Thank you for sharing them with us too. I love that the cat got a medal !!
    Thank you too, for your kind words over at mine about our special news this week,
    Happy days to you,
    Denise x


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