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Sunday, 14 November 2010

On our Travels

I did promise you some pictures of Andy's 40th birthday day out, but I am afraid I only have a couple to share with you as they didn't come out as well as we thought!!

This is a view of the beautiful Autumn scenery in all it's glory as we drove into Matlock. It was quite hard to take pictures as we were driving along at the time, we should have stopped really.

The window display of Matlock Antiques and collectables.  A glorious place to visit and full of different dealers so a bit of something for everyone and every budget.  Of course we partook of what they had on offer in the shape of a vintage egg packing crate.

I am going to use this lovely old crate as part of my table display at fairs.

Two lovely vintage orchid pots.

A rather lovely vintage 50's housecoat with a teal velvet collar and cuffs (almost wish it fitted me...no chance!!)

Yummy prawn sandwiches for lunch in Bakewell.....Mmmm

Yesterday we went to Brewood (pronounced Brood) in Staffordshire to pick this beauty up for my impending birthday at the beginning of December.  I know I already have loads of mannequins but couldn't resist this beauty with her waspie waist to die for!!  Our downstairs is beginning to resemble a film set for 'Invasion of the mannequins'.

Brewood was a gorgeous village and I can thoroughly recommend a visit to this lovely antiques and collectables shop, 'Passiflora'.  Alas, these lovely little shops are becoming few and far between now as the internet takes hold and sadly this one will be closing soon as David and Paula the proprietors are retiring.  It was a treasure trove of antiques and collectables.

Andy and I couldn't resist having a little flutter as there was so many lovely things to look at, and something for every budget.  David and Paula are really lovely, homely people and you can be assured of a very warm welcome when you visit them.  They will even open the shop by appointment for you and are so flexible.  It does make me sad that these lovely old shops are slowly disappearing from our High Streets in favour of the cloned retail outlets that offer mass produced rubbish!!  We had a lovely visit and there is even a wonderful bakery and traditional butchers and grocers shop....again so rare nowadays in one village.  Even our village only has a butchers and a couple of local shops and one remaining pub left.

On a lighter note, I am pleased to report that the shabby Santa's now are sporting rather fetching beards made from the most wonderful French mohair.  The lady I ordered it from keeps her own goats and sorts and cleans the mohair by hand, it really is lovely quality.  Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend.
Jo xx


  1. Oooh, Matlock and Brewood both look lovely places to visit. Your birthday mannequin is great - what a waist! To die for! (I'm eating choc biscuits as I write this, so that won't be my waist!!) Your shabby Santas look wonderful with their exclusive French mohair beards! How exotic :)

  2. Hi Jo
    I have decided that M & I will be mooching in that direction next year, my aim is to get to Whitby! I used to go to Horncastle to buy and intend to get back there aswell!
    Glad Mr Hesta had a great day.
    T X

  3. oh ! how I wish I was there rummaging round in that gorgeous shop ! I could spend a fortune !

  4. Hi Jo,

    Wow love the look of their shop and your so right its very sad they are the best places to moouch around in and the owners sound grand. I adore your new mannequin super slim, how many do you have now? I would love to see them all together. Have a lovely week. Dee x

  5. I love your egg packing crate! I asked the Mr to try to make me one for our anniversary, turns out his carpentry skills are not as I had hoped. Hee hee.
    Your mannequins are great. I used to have a mannequin that I "borrowed" from college years ago. It has disappeared somewhere along the way and now I never see them anywhere.

  6. Fabulous mannequin...I love that dark grey linen and what a waist! The shabby Santas are fantastic too, great idea for their beards...I'm sure they will disappear quickly at the Cotswold Fair.
    Julie x

  7. I'd be in my element rooting around that shop; think I would find lots to buy. Love your mannequin - they all seem to be gravitating towards your home! Have a good week.
    Ruth x

  8. Wonderful finds Jo! I would love to visit those shops! One day... xo

  9. Hello Jo
    Oh you had a great outing and what lovely things you bought too - I adore the housecoat, such gorgeous colours!
    D x

  10. Hi Jo,

    i wanted to send you a personnal message to say thank you for your lovely comment about my dress making, but i couldn't find your email. I am having fun even though i sit there for hours with the pattern in front of me tring to work it out. Wish you did live nearer i would be very happy to show you how to have a go over a slice of cake of course ;-)) Have a lovely week. dee x

  11. I couldn't help but notice the vintage rolls hearse picture in your side bar labeled "I want one". While I love my new Cadillac hearse, I'd trade it anyday on something like that.
    If you ever get one, I'll be your best friend.

  12. Thank you for your lovely comment about Princesses, Jo ;-)

  13. Hi Jo
    I'm loving the vintage dressing gown , I can imagine myself wafting around with a gin and tonic !!
    I've really enjoyed looking around your blog today
    Louise x

  14. Thank You for your thoughtful comment
    cate x


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