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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Latest Creations.

Here are a few of my latest creations I have been busy making ready for the Cotswold Vintage Fair next Saturday.

I must admit I am rather pleased with the French Vichy check cushions and was very tempted to keep them.  I actually plucked up the courage to use this beautiful 19th century fabric I bought from Donna when we did the fair in Totnes.  I have also been modifying a pattern to make hot water bottle covers, a bit fiddly but worth the effort.

I thought people might appreciate a hot water bottle with a vintage fabric cover, something a bit different from the norm, and lovely to snuggle up to on winter nights.

I have also found a small part of a gorgeous antique 19th century cutter quilt I bought in Devon a couple of  years ago.  I didn't realise I had any left as I had made my friend some cushions when she had her shop.  I have made a large, rather shabby cushion from a piece, and probably have just about enough to make another.

Another hot water bottle cover, this time made in a vintage quilted 50's fabric.

I still have some making to do this week in the shape of  fabric coasters filled with cinnamon and crushed cloves.  When you place your coffee mug on them the heat makes them smell lovely, very appropriate for Christmas I thought!  Hope you have all had a great weekend.
Jo xx


  1. Lovely things Joe ! I must admit I have had a go at making something similar-[not to the same standard ]I will stick to buying from the likes of you instead !

  2. Oh so lovely where is this fair I would love to go.Lesley

  3. I love the 50's hottie cover, it's my favourite fabric ever since I found out the name for the quilting is "wigglework"!

    Have a good week

  4. More lovely things as usual Jo. I like your idea of fabric coasters with cinnamon and cloves inside....very Christmassy!
    Have a great time at the Cotswold Vintage Fair...you will have a fab stall I'm sure!
    Julie x
    Did you paint your shelves?

  5. Lovely, lovely things. I especially like the quilted hot water bottle cover! Hope you have a good day on Sat!

  6. hi Jo lovely makes, shame we wont bump into each other this weekend, I am away at other fairs further south and you are only 10 minutes away from me!
    Have a good day
    T X

  7. Hi Jo,

    I adore the 50's fabric hotwater bottle so pretty, what a fab idea. Lovely cushions to. Have a great time at the fair you will do so well. And i love the idea of the coasters to. Clever you. Dee x

  8. Love your makes, they're gorgeous!! Those spicy filled coasters sound yummy!!
    Have fun : )

    Sharon xx

  9. I love the hot water bottle covers and the red fabric is gorgeous. Hope you do well at the weekend.
    Ann x

  10. All your cushions are gorgeous Jo;)
    I especially love the vintage patchwork ones.
    Wish I was nearer the fair.
    Have a great time though.
    Donna x

  11. The coasters are a fab idea. Love the hot water bottle cover too x


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